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    Lana Ryland

    I currently work as a Program Manger 1-B in State Government in Louisiana. Although my background is nursing, and I use my nursing background, it is not a requirement for my current position. What can I do to transition to a position on the Federal side of government? Would my state service and military background count towards retirement on the Federal side. I am considered a disabled vet with 30% disability.

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    Steve Ressler

    Hey Lana – what type of job are you looking for? Miltary background does count but I don’t think state service does

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    Mark Sullivan

    State service typically won’t count towards Federal retirement. However, the Federal government has a pretty robust veterans employment program. Check out:

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    Lana Ryland

    Pretty open. Been a nurse for almost 30 years with 15 of that being in Case management and 6 being in State Government in program management. Currently project lead on ICD-10 implementation into State Medicaid and 2nd lead on DRG implementation into State Medicaid. Have managed the State Hospice program with 142 providers and was lead on implementation of InterQual criteria guidelines into State Medicaid. Willing to re-locate somewhat, dependent upon the job and salary.

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    Carol Davison

    Include military and state background in any resume. Write carefully because as a State employee you earn about 1/3 less than we Feds do and some in HR will only qualify you Federal pay/grade wise as as high as what you current earn which is inequitible and lazy. Your military retirement counts if you retired or bought your time back. It’s inexpensive to do so because in the miltary you earn peanuts. Ensure that you include that you are a 30% disabled vet on all applicaitons because you are awarded 10 points above what the point score of your applicaiton would be otherwise. Prepare a fabulous resume. Work on it 2 hours every night vs 23 hours in a row. Send it out and see if anyone say you are qualifed. If not improve it. Then see if anyone wants to interview you. If not improve your resume, etc. Only apply for jobs that you really want to do unless you are really strapped for cash. Best wishes.

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