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    Raymond Clark

    In my first major overseas TDY, 2nd Lt Clark was the junior member among a group of Lt Cols and Cols–all flyers no less. We started on a small flight from Valdosta, GA to Atlanta, GA. I noticed puddles under each strut of the small airplane. “Isn’t that a problem?” I asked our 20+ year veteran pilots. Answer: “Don’t worry about it kid, a little fluid isn’t a big deal. You can guess what happended next…yes, we had to return to the airport due to loss of hydrolics.

    So, this led to delays along the entire route. Revised flights, military aircraft and commerical, long hold overs, etc. Twenty hours later we arrived at our location in Aviono AB, Italy…at midnight…first shift started 0500. The return flight was even better, but I’ll save that for another day.

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