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    Alon Peled

    Please see my new book:

    Peled, Alon. Traversing Digital Babel – Information, E-Government, and Exchange (C
    ambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2014).

    In this book, I propose a groundbreaking approach to revitalize critical information flows in public sector agencies especially in the US federal government. I suggest considering public agency information assets as a contested commodity, and employing selective incentives to “nudge” agencies to exchange these assets in a Public Sector Information Exchange (PSIE). I demonstrate that PSIE and similar programs can save governments billions of dollars, improve services to citizens, and even save lives. The book maps the primary ethical, political, legal, economic and technical challenges to PSIE and how these challenges can be addressed.

    The book is engaging, thought provoking and entertaining for experts, practitioners and interested readers alike. It is written in an accessible, crisp style. It provides relevant, contemporary case studies and examples of public sector information sharing successes and failures from the USA, Australia, Iceland, Holland, Brazil and others.

    You can find a short description of the book and endorsements from leading experts here:
    Stuart Robbins’ Blog:
    Email: [email protected]

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