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    John Nelson

    A program management support contract for the TRICARE Management Activity Privacy Office. Our team supports the Director of TMA Privacy and the TMA Privacy Office is responsible for assisting Health Affairs and TMA in implementing and monitoring safeguards against inappropriate use and disclosure of Military Health System data in accordance with HIPAA and other Federal privacy and security laws.

    We are currently looking to fill two senior positions on our team. One will be leading the process/function for Privacy Act/System of Record Notices (SORNS.) This team deals with matters related to Privacy Act and reviews of the SORN requirement within TMA. The other position will be focusing on Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA’s.) PIA’s are used for MHS/TMA IT systems and they ensure that agencies meet the requirement to publish a description of all their systems of record and have appropriate requirements for those systems.

    We would be very interested in speaking with you further about these two requirements in the event that you are job searching.

    I can be reached at 703-998-0327 x220 or 703-906-9318 at your convenience.

    Jennifer Haines

    Director of Human Resources

    Axiom Resource Management, Inc.

    703.998.0327 x220 (office)

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