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    Dick Davies

    For over 20 years, I have been presenting “Talk Your Business, How to Make More And Better Sales Right Away!” It’s an hour where I introduce a better template for an introduction and a better template for telling a story and the audience then commences to commit sales on each other. We always get a couple of transactions, so I must be a guru.

    About once a year, a participant would get very disturbed and splutter, “That’s not true!” I couldn’t get a coherent explanation of the issue, but did understand they were angry. The rest of the audience and the presenter (me) would try to understand the problem, would be mystified, and would proceed…cautiously.

    After the third time that happened, I was flying home and sat next to a shrink. I described what had happened, and asked what it meant. He must have been great shrink, because he asked a couple of questions, looked at my handout, thought about it, and explained…

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