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    Al Fullbright

    It doesn’t always make good press to “speak truth to power”. I met an angry response by police officials when I brought up the subject of legalization of marijuana. I expected resistance, but I never expected the broad exaggerations condemming it.

    Even after I provided documentation of the studies, I was told that “Pot will cause someones death today”. The studies are in. Its not true. More importantly, government officials who should be spokespeople are putting out erroneous and untruthful propaganda to perpetuate a failed program.

    So I began looking at some other subjects. Quite a few people facing many subjects are not looking at truth or scientific evidence, but are still being led by rumor and inuendo. I couldn’t help but notice that there are some experts at gov/loop who could talk for pages without saying anything, and only serve to confuse the issues.

    How many of these so-called experts really know what they are talking about?

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    Mark Harris

    Very few, but their careers are invested in their positions, and noe of them want to say “oops, we got that one wrong, let’s try again”. So they continue with the party line. How many public servants in the US stood up and said “torture is wrong”? For that matter, how many politicians said it?

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    Al Fullbright

    Yeah, it would put a lot of people – cops, lawyers, jailers, parole officers, counselors, etc, out of work if the government suddenly got out of the marijuana business. They will go to great lengths to justify their necessity.

    Our nation is in the war business and in the crime business. We’ve been almost continually at war with somebody ever since this nation was founded, and we prosecute anybody for just aout anything. When we get through shooting at one group or nation, we start shooting at somebody else.

    America is famous not only for the number of prisoners and the range of crimes we represent in our Prisons, but for the way we allow organized criminals to operate inside them. We throw the innocents in with the wolves, and the only ones to come out are wolf-pups.

    We have more people in prison for victimless crimes and have taken the right to vote away from more of our citizens than any country in the world. We have created a complete underclass of street gangs and protective associations. When does America start making peace?

    If we spent half the money we spent on war in Our Country, building better, stronger, more reliable, more modern — we would already have the new green modern secure nation we want. If we quit persecuting our citizens we’d have the work-force we need to do it.

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