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    I mean, if we can’t solve it, who can? Plus we have an incentive – employment!

    P.S. Please be mindful of ethics rules, Hatch Act, agency guidance, etc. Disclaimers are not a cure-all…

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    Joan Golden

    We really don’t need a “debt ceiling” at all do we? If we go into debt, we have to pay it, right? So why not just abolish the debt ceiling and move on to talk about reducing the deficit.

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    i agree but would take it a step further: Run govt. like a business. The opposite of what we have today – taking money from the public. Become a creator of value – ultimately give money back.

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    Joan Golden

    I agree to run government like a business, but accepted rule has been that government shouldn’t compete with business. If government were to start making profits, that rule would have to be rethought. It’s a fine line. There are things that need to be done that aren’t profitable, so people look to government to do them — e.g. basic research in space. Once it becomes possible to be profitable, private companies want to take over the work, as is happening with commercial space exploration, private sector wants to take over. It’s a fine balance.

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