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    Sterling Whitehead

    Let’s continue the Twitter for Contracts discussion. People responded great to the last post.

    The questions are:

    • What do you think is the best way to preserve tweets for the public record?
    • Do you like the current solutions?
    • How else do you preserve tweets for the public record?
    Current solutions are:
    • Copy/paste tweets about separate acquisitions into documents from the Twitter account’s timeline
    • Use hashtags to separate acquisitions from each other, then copy/paste the timeline into a document.
    • Tweetdoc
    • Twistory
    • Others?
    [P.S. The Library of Congress records all tweets for the public record. If we could get access to this, then we would have a backup to all tweets related to our contracts.]
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    Sterling – I have a couple ideas in this post:
    You’ve Got All Our Tweets, LOC! So What? Now What?

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    Adriel Hampton

    Presently, I’m using Backupify for a couple of accounts. I had also used BackupMyTweets.

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    Sterling Whitehead

    Good suggestions Adriel. Thanks.

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    Sterling Whitehead

    Here are the links Adriel mentioned:


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