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    Lillian Amaechi

    As more social media tools are coming into the spotlight, companies are looking for ways to leverage these tools for a competitive advantage. Recently, a colleague suggested using Instagram for social recruiting. Companies like Starbucks and Nike have utilized Instagram for branding and recruitment. I have my reservations, but am curious as to what other feds think. Do you think Instagram would be an effective medium for social recruiting for a federal government agency? Why or why not?

    Thank you!

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    Steve Ressler

    Interesting post on Instagram and Sandy –

    One issue right now at fed level is that Instagram does not have a federal gov’t friendly terms of service.

    I think it depends on your agency – do they have great photos that would resonate? Obviously recruiting firefighters or FBI agents is easier with great photos than acquisition specialists on Instagram

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    I could see someone running a photo contest to have agency employees catch their colleagues “making a difference.” They could submit them for consideration in marketing purposes.

    You could also have recruits take photographs of what they see as typifying your agency and explain it / why they love your mission (i.e. a bridge for DOT, a park trail for NPS, etc.). I see you are at NIH…I’d have to think a bit more about the applications for your agency, and curious to hear your early ideas as to how you could use Instagram.

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    Erik G Eitel

    My thoughts were similar to those of Andrew’s… I think a contest of sorts would be the route to take, but then as Steve brings up you’d have to be careful with terms of service and security. I think there could be a future using instagram in recruiting, just as many private sector companies are using video entries as part of application processes. Would love to hear other folk’s thoughts on this though. Nice topic Lillian!

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    Jocelia Rancy

    Lillian I do think there should be other creative ways of penetrating the federal job market, however, I do agree with Andrew and Erik, security is key when dealing with the federal govt. I am very much interested in working for the federal government, however, most of the positions I am interested in are geared towards current, Vets and Merit employees.

    I am flexible to domestic and international employment.

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    Lillian Amaechi

    Thank you for your comments! Andrew, the idea for using Instagram is still in the brainstorm stages. I would like to see it used creatively, beyond enhancing general photos. I do like your idea of turning it into a contest! As Steve mentioned, the security issue is something to consider.

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