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    Kevin Carter

    Does anyone have experience using social media to create a private, office only group?

    We are currently looking to create a Linkedin group that the employees in our office can use to post discussions and facilitate communication. Nothing in the group would be PPI; rather we’d be posting things like “I’m on vacation from Aug. 26-Sept. 7” or “What topics would you like us to cover in next weeks meeting?”

    Any thoughts on any regulations (FOIA, etc) that might govern our group?

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    The GovLoop team uses a private group here on GovLoop for that purpose, Kevin. It works really well. We just had a bunch of people on vacations and we posted the schedule in the group, I referred to it often during those 2-3 week (“Now who is in or our again?”). We also post kudos and interesting information for the rest of the team in that online space.

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    No, but I belong to a private Facebook group where we all share a non-contagious incurable disease. I would not recommend posting (anywhere) when you are on vacation. It announces that your house is vacant and you are a target.

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    Terrence Hill

    I’m not sure if you are a Federal employee or not, but if so, you can establish a secure, members-only group in the OMB Max system ( It is great for those who are paranoid about using social networks because it if very restrictive and sanctioned by the Federal government. It also is at a “.gov” so it won’t be blocked.

    If that doesn’t work, you can always set up a group on LinkedIn just for your office and restrict access.

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    Kevin Carter

    Thanks for the input. Piloting a linkedin group with our smaller office.

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