Utah’s 4-day workweek is a HUGE success!

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    Amanda Blount

    An alternative to the normal work week.

    These are hard numbers to promote a better work / life balance.

    Back when I was an older teenager, I used to work 4/10s. Same pay, but only work 4 days. I loved it!!

    UTAH showed it was a huge success. They gained energy savings for the state, pollution savings, and more time for Friday night football with the kids.

    This was such a success, they want the program to continue. Look at your agency. If you want to make a difference, and save money, this may be an option.


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    Steve Ressler

    I work 5/4/9. 5 days a week 9 hours a day. 4 days a week 9 hours a day. And a day off.

    Lots of feds I know do as well and it is a great benefit and great work/life balance…although with blackberries many are always working on their day off 🙂

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    Amanda Blount

    Sounds good. I have heard of others working that shift, but I don’t know of anyone in our area who does. I would love to work that or the 4/10s. It just seems to make sense for many offices. My boss is great, so even though we don’t get many of the alternative shifts, he would be a hard boss to leave in the next 6 months. But, when I do start looking, alternative work/life balance will be a benefit which will be important to me.

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