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    Jaime Gracia

    The Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP), in conjunction with their Mythbusters campaign, created guidance for improving communications between industry and government.

    However, it seems that the message of the need to improve communications, and the subsequent improvements in outcomes that re possible, does not seem to be trickling down far enough in the agencies to effect change.

    OFPP has issued two Mythbusters memos (here and here) to help improve vendor-agency communications. Combined with the guidance about the need of vendor communications plans that appear in the first memo, a solid foundation for improving communications seems to have been created.

    Nonetheless, it seems that mistrust and lack of communications remains the norm.


    1) Are you currently using the Mythbusters memos to help shape improved vendor communications?

    2) Do you know where your agency’s vendor communications plan is located?

    3) Have you reviewed it?

    4) Has any guidance or direction from your leadership been affected by these plans or Mythbusters?

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