Virginia to Grant Employees a 3% Bonus – Could it Happen in the Federal Government?

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    Terrence Hill

    Today’s Washington Post had an article about Virginia employees all receiving a 3% bonus as a result of the state’s budget surplus and their efforts to save costs. After 5 years of frozen pay, I’m sure that this was a relief to Virginia state employees and it’s a great way to reward their cost-savings efforts. As a Virginia resident, I applaud this use of the surplus and feel for those unfortunate state employees who have suffered the last 5 years.

    Could this happen in the Federal government? If an agency were able to cut costs, say by consolidating offices, reducing real-estate, or eliminating positions, could employees all receive a bonus?

    I remember that back in the 80s and 90s, during the good ole TQM days, some agencies experimented with “Gain-Sharing” plans such as this. It certainly would alleviate some of the pain of our continuing pay freezes and limits on our awards budgets. It would also help to make the administration more efficient and effective.

    What do you think?

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    Mark Hammer

    What I think is that a) it’s been 5 years and some “financial/economic things” have happened during that time, b) this 6th year is an election year, and c) though I hesitate to call it cooking, state/provincial/federal books are remarkably maleable things, able to be lean when there is something you’d rather not do for ideological or tactical reasons, and bursting fat when you want to curry favour.

    That little bit of cynicism aside, it’s a nice precedent to see happen. It needs to remain within the memory and vocabulary of legislators that now and then they can afford to say “Thank you” a little louder to the folks who make them look good. As comedienne Judy Tenuta likes to say “It could happen!”.

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    Eric Koch

    I saw this article last night as well which was some good news to read about. As far as what you’re asking, absolutely, but we have a “long” way to go to get back to the surplus days. If this can be achieved, why not reward the people?

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    Mindy Giberstone

    I applaud Virginia for giving back to employees. Managers (or non-represented employees) in many state have had their wages frozen for 5+ years, while represented employees got their contractual increases. Younger staff are starting to flee to get pay raises, leaving an older workforce behind. This could soon lead to serious knowledge transfer issues as boomers start to retire en masse.

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