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    Amanda Blount

    Here is something I am passionate about, and someone has really used thier noggin, and come up with a great site. It is a Virtual job fair for Anyone, but it is free to Veterans!!

    Calling all veterans. Milicruit in cooperation with the VA invites you to particpate in an online job fair unlike any other ever held for veterans. Meet with dozens of employers who are actively and aggressively recruiting and hiring veterans and military spouses. Register today to reserve your space in this groundbreaking virtual event. Then sit back relax and let Milicruit bring the career fair to you. Thank you for your service and enjoy the show. Registration and attendance are free to all

    veterans at


    I hope we can do this on here sometime! It would be VERY AWESOME!!

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    Amanda Blount

    Milicruit in cooperation with the VA will be hosting a fully interactive 3 dimensional career fair for the veteran community on April 29th 2010. Unlike traditional career fairs that require travel, and are limited to 1 location for 1 day, the Milicruit event is accessible 24/7 for an entire 30 days from anywhere an attendee has computer access. We want to make as many veterans aware of this great new service, and could really use the help and support of the DOL. It is 100% free for veterans to register and attend, and they will have the opportunity to, visit employer booths, view videos, presentations, view and apply for jobs, chat with employer reps, and even video interview. All from the comfort and convenience of home. Employers already signed on to participate include, Verizon, GE, Ryder, Target, 3M, Booz Allen, NavAir, Navy Cyberforces, Comerica, Capital One, Wellpoint, Medco, Stryker, TCF Bank, Navy Exchange, Waste Management, CACI and several more.

    This event will surely assist in helping with the growing unemployment rate amongst our veterans, but will prove even more beneficial to those who may disabled or who have been injured while serving given it requires no travel at all to participate. This will also be a great way for the DOL to demonstrate it’s willingness to embrace new technology that can help put our veterans back to work. They have fought long and hard enough protecting our way of life, and should not have to battle for a job when they return.

    I am attaching a flyer that could be distributed via email to your Units and FRG via email, and would appreciate any/all assistance you could provide in getting the word out. The more veterans/soldiers we have signed up, the more employers we can attract.

    Best Regards

    Kevin O’Brien

    215-525-5776 ext 101

    [email protected]

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    Teri Centner

    The Cyberskeptic in me is wondering how we know this is truly a career fair, and not an elaborate scheme to gather Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on veterans?

    teri πŸ™

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    Thanks for sharing I will forward this on to others I know who are looking for work. I love that their doing a virtual job fair (still trying to work out how to promote it!) — this is one thing I have been wanting to do at my agency, but due to budget problems there’s little-to-no jobs as of late!

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    Amanda Blount

    Good point. I agree.

    I try to educate all people to register with slightly false information. For instance; whenever I register for anything online that is not a “legal” type of site, I use my cousin’s birthday, and an e-mail account I set up for stuff like this, a phone number I have set up which only takes voice mails (it does not ring), and normally I do not use my address unless really needed. I also do not use my real name. I might use A. Blount, or AA Blount.

    Being smart on these types of sites is always important. Even on here, My name, birthday, and address do not match with the real information.

    Thank you, that was a very good post. πŸ™‚

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    Amanda Blount

    Hi Tricia,

    I just posted a reply Teri which you may want to read. just basically cyber safety stuff.

    I hope your friends will get some benefit from this job fair!


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    Teri Centner

    Great idea! My dad does something similar, only he has multiple names, and then looks to see what junk mail (snailmail, that is) starts coming to his P.O. Box.

    For those looking for a fake email address, Yahoo offers something called Disposable Addresses. I use them extensively for my Internet surfing.

    teri πŸ™‚

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    Amanda Blount

    Oh my gosh I did not know that about Yahoo! Fantastic information to have! I love it!

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