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    Alexandra Ritchie

    I am a former PMF who networked the old-fashioned way, in person at the live job fair that OPM sponsored in DC for PMF Finalists. This year, OPM is sponsoring the a Virtual Career Fair and I agreed to volunteer at our virtual booth.

    I am curious what others are doing to prepare to engage with PMF finalists in a virtual environment. I would also like to know what people see as the pros and cons of using a virtual format as opposed to meeting in person.

    Alexandra–PMF Alumna (Class of 2005)

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    Steve Ressler

    We recently held a career fair and hear is a post with tips we wrote –

    It’s more from candidate perspective. For an agency, I’d recommend:

    -Make sure you have ample staff in booths
    -Make sure you can type fast – you’ll get a lot of questions in the booths and will want a few people in there typing quick and fast answers

    -Bring your digital swag – people love the takeaways of 1-pagers and other documents that you can upload so people can download from your booth

    -If you aren’t the “cool” agency, make sure to be proactive. Reach out 1 to 1 to attendees who are in the virtual hall who may have not stopped by your booth

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    Terrence Hill

    I think that this is the wave of the future. I just spoke to a PMF candidate yesterday, who is in Colorado and appreciated the opportunity for “virtual interviews” with hiring officials. It saved him the time and travel expense, while allowing him to continue his studies. He is also a 100% disabled veteran and is facing challenging mobility issues.

    He told me that a couple agencies, includinng the Department of State, chose not to participate in this year’s virtual job fair. Instead, they will be contacting PMF finalists directly.

    I hope that this experiment works and that we eventually use this model for all future job fairs. We can’t afford to be shipping hiring managers and potential applicants to job fairs in conference centers any more. We should use technology to assess, interview, and select the best qualified applicants.

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    I think this will be a solid first step – and I am fan of virtual fairs – but I still think there’s no substitute for in-person events. At minimum, it would be cool if they could use something like Google+ Hangout to connect candidates and recruiters “face to face” – maybe after an initial screening on day 1, could be invited back for that kind of virtual interview.

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    Terrence Hill

    I agree on using some type of web-conferencing tool – even Skype – for interviewing, but I would have the hiring manager directly involved in the interview. I think that they are only using telephones now. I think there is real value in including the visual component to these interviews and simulating the in-person experience as much as possible.

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    David Dean


    I took a look at the PMF “job fair.” To me it would have been a waste of time. To date 184 jobs have been posted. PMF finalists can open their accounts and apply directly. In my opinion it was a waste of tax dollars. Insofar as the 100% disabled veteran is concerned why would the person worry. If he or she wants one of the PMF jobs, they will get the job. He or she can apply by email. I have have contacted some organizations and have received responses. All the person has to do is go to the TAS website and sign in.

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