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    Jera Brown

    I work for a small local government. Our IT development team is three people large, plus a manager. We are often tasked with multiple projects at once and the multitasking usually makes any project planning that much more difficult.

    I’m curious if there’s anyone else out there with teams like mine and how they organize their team’s schedules? How do you factor in bug fixing or emergency server maintenance or other tasks that come up out of the blue?

    I’m enclosing a picture of a graph I’ve started to help us start visualizing our priorities.

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    Jacob Anderson

    We haven’t used it yet, but our office is very interested in trying out Trello. It looks almost exactly like what you have on your white board, except online and super-interactive.

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    Josh Nankivel
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    Jera Brown

    Thank you both. I have indeed seen that type of approach that you two suggested. But neither approach really helps me visualize a timeline. The difference with the chart I created above is that projects are sorted out by weeks and split up into chunks to allow for time for bug fixes, meetings, other things that come up that you don’t factor into your project schedule.

    The difficulty I see of using Trello or Kanban is that it only shows you what people are working on, not how long each segment will take or what else is on their plate at the same time. I guess I’m almost looking for a Gannt Chart. I just haven’t seen one configured the way I want it to be.

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