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    Alice M. Fisher

    “Teens – They’ve grown up with search engines and modern technology as an everyday fact-of-life, rather than some magical new technology that’s revolutionized”…. all of our lives.
    How many of you owned a Walkman?
    An 8 track tape player?
    Or a 45 record player?

    My, my, my, how far we have come!

    There is a http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/07/01/BU2618GKE7.DTL&nopu=1” target=”_blank”>great article about the Walkman and how it took 3 days for a 13 year old to figure out that there was more music on the other side of the cassette tape!
    And, how little music it actually held compared to todays various portable devices.

    But, with the new technologies how do we begin to consider marketing to the younger generations coming up through the ranks and or recruiting them for jobs or providing them with information.

    The psycho-demographics of an emerging youth culture must be looked at now for better communications, marketing outreach planning for the next 5 years and beyond.

    Here is one article about marketing to teens that is even more interesting…
    Kids Don’t Follow, Kids Don’t Twitter. The Truth about Teens, Social Networking and Technology.


    So with all that discussion on the evolution of technology….
    Smokey Bear Turned 65 Years Old today.

    And, his webpage is all decked out with the latest tech tools. mobile updates,
    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Video, animation. Is it too much tech?

    The Advertising Council and with the U.S. Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters to celebrate 65th birthday of Smokey Bear with the launch of a new series of public service advertisements (PSAs) as we head into the July 4th holiday weekend.

    The new campaign, like the one that debuted in 1944, was created pro bono by ad agency Draftfcb and continues to provide messaging about wildfire prevention, still a huge problem in the US with 9 out of 1 wildfires caused by people.

    Distributed to TV, radio, print and online outlets, the PSAs feature CG-animation and encourage young adults to “Get Your Smokey On” that is, to become like Smokey and say something when others are acting carelessly. Additionally, the spots direct viewers to http://www.smokeybear.com , where they learn more about wildfire prevention and which also features a kid section, Smokey Kids.

    By the way, Smokey Bear is keeping up with the times and now has profile pages on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. Ok, so let’s analyze “Da Bear’s” Newest Campaign targeting youth.

    In light of the above article stating that the kids do not follow, nor do they tweet, should Smokey be Tweeting Fire Prevention, if they are not even there? Is everyone jumping on board Twitter just to do so without doing their Psycho-demographic target audience research?

    Any thoughts? Re communications and outreach best practices?
    What is a 5-10 year old going to do with a fire prevention tweet? Or Facebook posting? Are 5-10 year olds even tweeting? Or on Facebook?

    Now I do find the real time fire map important! Especially during the dry summer months, it could be posted as a Tweet to all adults and families.


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    just to let you know smokey dose not have a middle name. it is only used in the song so smokey bear is having his 65th bday

    thank you

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    Alice M. Fisher

    Thank you Paul.
    Typo noted and corrected.

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