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    What is the future of work like for the average person – whether in leadership/management or as an “employee”?

    Forbes contributor Elaine Pofeldt has written a short, thought-provoking post on this, mentioning a recent article by U. Minnesota College of Design Dean Thomas Fisher (Forbes article has PDF). The high points:

    • To be a boss – learn to manage entrepreneurial types with no permanent ties to your organization. Writes Pofeldt: “What leadership strategies would you need to keep your team inspired and maintain quality–when 50% of the folks around you did not have a regular paycheck, health benefits, and a 401(K) plan from the company at stake?”
    • To be a worker – learn to think like a business owner – identify problems and solve them: (this is Fisher) – “The next economy doesn’t demand employees who repeat facts and follow orders; it needs just the opposite: innovative, entrepreneurial individuals able to see an unmet need and to provide a product or service that addresses that market, whether it exists locally or across the globe.”

    Do you see public sector employment following in the direction of the private sector? If so, how can employees at all levels adapt?

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