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    Alice M. Fisher

    I think it would be useful to collaboratively build/aggreate some sort of SocialMedia Library of Resources for others to draw from, learn from and use as research.

    Therefore I have started compiling a list as a beginning and maybe a tab could be added called the Library. My list is not organzed in any particular order, and I am wondering if it should be?
    Can others co-cocllaborate? Sure. Add something! At anyrate I took a stab at it. Possibly others would.could add to the list???

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    Steve Ressler

    Quite a list – I could add it under the knowledge tab. Maybe under Gov 2.0 or a separate tab.

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    Alice M. Fisher

    Cool. Thank you very much. I am sure there are a lot of other sources out there, And, there many need to be some sort of consistent format. But, just think how this could help all agencies, if they know about it.
    What we need is to actually get some really online collaboration going, instead of 90 million chats.
    I would love to see some working groups collaborating on something, solving something, building something.
    This was my feable attempt at movinging in that direction. Casestudies? Beyond the collaboration project???
    I am full of ideas.

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    Steve Ressler

    I agree. Let me know what other ideas you have and maybe we can create a section or group for the information.

    Maybe Gov 2.0 101:
    -list of links to top articles
    -list of case studies and link to collaboration project and other resources as well….


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    Alice M. Fisher

    Gov 2.0 101 and Beyond.
    Only if you read through the list you can see some of the ressourse are quiet indepth.

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    Allen Magtibay

    Excellent reference. Thank you for taking the time to compile this list. It definitely saves me a lot of time from having to Google this topic. Again, thanks for all the hard work.

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    Steve Ressler

    For the short term I added a link to the document under the Knowledge/Gov 2.0 tab/References.

    But a great list and I’ll work at other ways we can leverage it. And build upon it!

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    What a great list. Thanks for sharing. I am going to enjoy working my way through it.

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    Alice M. Fisher

    Thank you. The hope is….if there are other sources you come across to please add to it.

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