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    Robin Smothers

    I’m managing a web redesign project for a large metropolitan park board. I’m at step one: research. What are some good resources for developing a RFP and/or good questions to ask a potential web vendor?

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    Steve Ressler

    Might want to check Fedbizopps.gov to see if other RFPs out there currently that could leverage language – I’ll also post this question in a couple groups

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    Cindy Nguyen

    Hi Robin, a great resource is also a site called: http://www.howto.gov/ There is tons of information that I think you will find useful. For example on this page there is a checklist for requirements and best practices: http://www.howto.gov/web-content/requirements-and-best-practices/checklists/long.

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    Marian Doucette

    Hi Robin. A resource that I keep referencing is the book Web ReDesign 2.0 | Workflow that Works by Kelly Goto & Emily Cotler, published by New Riders. It’s an excellent volume outlining the project management aspects of a web redesign project and includes many checklists and templates. It covers the technical questions that you should be asking your vendor as well as those you’ll hope that the vendor will also ask you. There is an accompanying website: http://www.web-redesign.com/where you can find more information, plus some of the templates, links and resources cited in the book.

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    Robin Smothers

    Thanks – just ordered it on Amazon!

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    Robin Smothers

    That is a great resource. Appreciate the tip.

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