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    Lynne Harrington

    We are moving all of our java applications to WebSphere 7, running on Linux on the Z series mainframe. Our Technical Services department wants to run our whole website from the mainframe as well so they are suggesting that we move all of our static webpages there.

    My question is, does ANYONE else do this? if so, what is your experience. If not, what web server do you use for your WebSphere applications? any information is much appreciated.

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    Lisa Wilcox

    Maybe I’m paranoid, but I don’t think I would put everything an enterprise is running on one server. If that server goes down for whatever reason, you lose your web site and apps all at once. Have they looked at clusters and clouds and separating things out? I would question if this is a matter of convenience for tech services in your agency. Just my opinion.

    Good luck to you,


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    Jerry Rhoads

    A System Z mainframe will deliver 5 9’s of availibility in its sleep, totally different piece of hardware than a Server based system. However Server based hardware can deliver pretty high uptimes at a fraction of the cost, many banks use mainframes in this manner as they must have near zero downtime. Also when it comes to transaction (think billing and calculations) based computing, mainframes rock.

    So to better answer your question, what kinds of apps do you plan to host in your websphere environment? What websphere products are you running i.e MQ, WAS, WPS, ESB?

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    Lynne Harrington

    Thanks Jerry,

    We’re running WAS 7 and I am confident that our Websphere applications will be fine with this architecture. My questions was specifically about our static http pages (the County’s website) that they are also recommending that we host on the mainframe. So, i was just wondering if anyone else hosted their government website on a Z series mainframe.


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    Jerry Rhoads

    I don’t know about any fed sites on Mainframes, I am sure there are some private sector companies (IBM) using their excess MIPS for static content. It is a pretty easy thing to do, however it is a very expensive choice given the alternatives of cheap IIS and Apache web-servers.

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    Doug Smith

    Hi Lynne:

    I have been an IT Director and Senior application developer for 20 years and have NEVER heard of moving a web site Java or no to a mainframe. I have moved plenty of mainframe data off of maineframes and converted data to MS SQL Server or Oracle and built web applications arount that data but I cannot imagine anyone moving a web app to a mainframe. That seems kind of like stepping back in time.

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