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    Emily Landsman

    I always say I won’t open up my laptop from Friday afternoon until Monday morning, but usually find myself checking on my smartphone about 30 minutes after I’ve made this declaration. By that point I figure, well, I’ve already ruined it so why not just see it on the full screen.

    What do you think about no-media evenings or weekends? Do you take a break from Facebook and other social media tools over the weekend?

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    Matthew Fellows

    Definitely. The amount of Facebook I view during the week is enough for over 9,000 consecutive weekends. Email….totally different story. There’s a certain degree of ‘information overload’ that happens if you’re looking at a scrolling feed, and it’s nice to purge on the weekend and just focus on my information.

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    Steve Ressler

    I’m a little bit of an addict…but I do try to take a 1/2 day off (Saturday or Sunday morning or SUnday evening) and there and that’s been successful

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    Kanika Tolver

    No, I did not take a break. Sometimes it seems so hard to do when you have a iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro. Events like Whitney Houston’s funeral made me use social media more. The funeral service was streamed live via internet and CNN was using Twitter to all fans to tweet personal messages and CNN was providing live updates about the service via Twitter and Facebook.

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    Paul Binkley

    Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on you point-of-view, I stay away from FB all the time. I just haven’t caught the FB bug and to be honest, I’m afraid that accessing FB is a very slippery slope for me. My biggest concern is that I would spend ALL my time on FB. Does anyone else feel that way?

    That being said, I think if FB had any decent professional networking apps, I would feel more comfortable using it. I’ve heard there are a few, but haven’t tried them. Has anyone out there tried BranchOut?

    My other question is this–has anyone created a separate professional FB profile?

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    Dora Porter

    I was addicted. I have opted to only checking in the morning and in the evening. Previously I would use it on my iPhone so often that my battery life would be drained before I got to the office. During the weekends I only get to check in when I am waiting at appointments, nails, hair, car and such. Most people only know how to reach me via FB so checking my inbox is about all I do when I log in.

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    Corey McCarren

    I don’t necessarily moderate my time on social media, but I try to think of what else I could be doing that would be productive and do that instead. I think working in social media has also made me less apt to want to use Facebook on my free time, not even necessarily because I enjoy it less but because sometimes I get the urge to do things I do at work on my free time.

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    Allison Primack

    Because I work with social media every day, I try to log off during the weekends. However, I seem to sign on a moderate amount over the weekends because I use my Twitter as a news source, and Facebook to keep in touch with friends who live far away from me. If I’m away or doing something fun though, I don’t miss social media at all!

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    Jerry Rhoads

    Only Facebook posting via the mobile client, no news feeds!

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    Emily Landsman

    Paul, in my chats with local gov’t officials, I encourage them to create public pages for themselves…John Doe, Gold County Commissioner, etc. Show them they can interact with people and still maintain privacy on FB. Of course, you have to log in communicate on the page, so that kind of defeats the purpose of a break!

    I don’t know BranchOut, but I’ll look into it!

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    Emily Landsman

    It’s so easy to access, why not? I totally see what you’re saying. The story comes to you no matter what device you’re using and when.

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    Kevin Lanahan

    I turn off work when I leave the building, so I don’t check any work accounts from home unless I’m working from home or expect a problem. I’ve been weaning myself from Facebook at home for a while, and hit it only occasionally on the weekend and during the week. Maybe I can give it up for Lent?

    At home, though, StumbleUpon is my weakness. Poof, an hour of my life is gone.

    While I appreciate the power of social media, I realize it also keeps me from actually doing things. It’s ok to take a break from it. It’s a good time to get some exercise or just go outside (even if it’s cold outside).

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    Elliot Volkman

    During the weekend and evenings I use my accounts more for social reasons, rather than networking or sharing content. The wife would prefer if I buried my phone under the ocean though.

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    Marjie Brown

    Hi Emily – I definitely take a break on weekends from my professional duties as a federal contractor managing social media for Firescience.gov. I work from home and I HAVE to set a firm boundary on that. Our audience disappears on the weekends too. I do however spend more time in my personal social media engagement on the weekends.

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    Marjie Brown

    I haven’t created a separate FB profile, but I intend too. I think it will be essential eventually. I currently have separate personal and professional Twitter accounts. For now this works well for me because Twitter is ‘low obligation’ compared to Facebook. I can manage/engage in both accounts and not have them take over all my time. Maybe look into that option. I hear you on the slippery FB slope. For me the slope is not as ‘slippery’ with Twitter 🙂

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