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    Cheryl Kinchen

    Our employer is considering adding a wellness component. We would like to get feedback from others who have investigated or implemented such a program at your worksite.

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    Terrence Hill

    Here are some ingredients of a successful health and wellness program:

    • Time-Off for Fitness
    • Discounts or Fitness Center Subsidies
    • Use of President’s Challenge for Tracking Fitness
    • Weight Watchers Support Group
    • Team Sports and Organized Fitness Classes
    • Healthy Food Choices
    • Incentives for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
    • Using Your Health Insurance Carrier for Health Risk Assessments and Screenings

    I recommend getting a copy of Healthy Peopl 2020 and follow the guidelines for evidence-based health interventions.

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    Chirag Patel

    I agree with Terrence’s comment. He laid out a list of most important ingredients for the wellness program. I would like you to consider all three components emotional (stress), chemical (alcohol,tobacco), and physical (fitness, posture) supported by scientific literature to boost your wellness program. Current main issues such as obesity, cancer related research and stats can be found on cdc.gov website. Wish you good luck.

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    Cheryl Kinchen

    Thank you for such a quick response. There have been some questions regarding court cases that challenge wellness programs. As HR, we do not want to implement anything that may create legal issues. Are you aware of any legal challenges that have arisen and the outcome of those challenges?

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    Cheryl Kinchen

    Our parish has added some of these elements in the form of training and employee assistance at our Mental Health Clinic. These are all voluntary. Our legal department has asked that we research the legality of wellness programs as it relates to insurance. Are you aware of any legal challenges and th outcomes of these challenges?

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