What are some of the specific challenges that your leaders face in strategically communicating within your organization?

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    Ken Boxer

    In thinking about this week’s question on strategic communications, I’ve consulted two great references:

    • “Why Transformation Efforts Fail,” an article by

    John Kotter published in Harvard Business

    Review (April 1995).

    Leading in Times of Significant Change and

    Uncertainty: Straight Talk from Senior Leaders,

    a book by Joe Raia, founder and President of

    Glimmer Glass Consulting and Training. This

    book contains some great quotes and practical

    advice from senior leaders on how to more

    effectively lead during times of change.

    Top Ten Strategies for Strategic Communication

    1. Make sure that town hall meetings and one-on-one conversations provide not only a forum for senior leaders to explain strategy, but also serve as a place where specific questions can be answered.

    2. Several specific suggestions for disarming the rumor mill:

    • Communicate early and often
    • Be as honest and transparent as possible
    • Share as much information as possible

    3. Continually reinforce the core mission and vision, and confirm what is relatively most important for people to focus on.

    4. It’s important that leaders check on what staff understood and interpreted from a key message that they delivered.

    5. Use email effectively to communicate to a broad audience.

    6. Help staff understand how the mini-vision fits into the larger picture.

    7. Tailoring messages for specific audiences (including using one-on-one meetings to communicate up), emailing a broader audience to reinforce key messages, and conducting town hall meetings that are two-way dialogues are great ways to communicate key messages and get critical input.

    8. Take steps to reinforce the message by communicating through different kinds of media.

    9. Create a business case for change by speaking a language of numbers.

    10. Align recognition efforts with organizational goals and objectives.

    Additional Reflections

    What are some specific ways that leaders have communicated with you?

    What challenges are you facing in your organization when it comes to strategic communication?

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    Mark Hammer

    Our organization has undergone a great deal of retirement-related turnover. As a result, I suspect that there is a gap between what management thinks employees know already, and what they actually know.

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