What are the biggest pay & benefits issues facing feds today?

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    The Thrift Savings Plan is now offering a Roth option.

    The Senate is considering a variety of changes that could affect USPS employees.

    And NPR just posted an article about Baby Boomers and long-term care insurance.

    Saving for retirement, collective bargaining, long-term care insurance …. these are just some of the pay and benefits issues affecting federal employees today. But GovLoop wants to hear from you.

    What do you think? What are the biggest pay & benefits issues you are facing currently?

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    Terrence Hill

    To tell the truth, I’m not too excited about the new Roth plan because it’s after-tax and there is no matching. I’m a baby boomer and worried about last minute changes in retirement – not so much the high-5 versus high-3 (it’s all the same with pay freezes), but the removal of the social security supplement. Retirement and health insurance are really all we have left.

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    Kanika Tolver

    Me being 29, I am excited about the Roth option

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