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    Steve Ressler

    Today the federal government is officially closed in D.C. A pretty rare occurrence….

    So for those based in DC….
    What are you doing on this DC Snow Day?
    Outside the beltway? What’s your favorite thing to do on a snow day (or unexpected day off)?

    Suggestion: Take The Gov 2.0 Personality Quiz!

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    Steve Ressler

    Me…flying into DC…That seems like a bad idea. But I’m trying…

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    Matthew W

    #MusicMonday – All the Above – Maino, featuring T-Pain

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    Driving up to the snowpocalypse to see firsthand the wintry wildness that just whacked Washington…

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    Chris Hamm

    Working. My office is set up to access all of our systems from anywhere. We encourage everyone to telework routinely, and the ‘downside’ to that is we stay open when the Government closes.

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    Bill Brantley

    Teleworking in my pajamas. I will miss going to lunch with my colleagues.

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    Robert H Hunt

    Good day for catching up on all the reading – low priority emails, periodicals and such that are piled as high as the snow!

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    Connie Aaron

    Working from home….

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    Don Carr

    We’re not in DC, but just outside at Fort Belvoir. Come see how we’re doing at Facebook, http://profile.to/fort_belvoir/.

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    Bobbie Gutierrez

    I’m working; luckily Vangent is very forward thinking and is allowing employees to telework from home! Good thing for me, my neighborhood street in Howard County hasn’t been plowed yet, after receiving 38.3″ of snow. Only place I’m driving to is the end of my driveway.

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    Steve Ressler

    38″? That’s insane…

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    Jessy Cowan-Sharp

    also teleworking… maybe with a snowball fight for lunch 😀

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    Catching up on a bunch on on-line training. Don’t even plan to get out of my jammies today.

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    Gina Anderson

    I’m finally sitting myself down to work on my fiction book, because what else can I do when I car has been buried under 2 feet of snow for the last 3 days?

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    Asha Aravindakshan

    DC Government is open today, so I’m at the office!

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    I spent the weekend digging out, but I still have a lot of snow on our porch awning. I probably need to try and get it off since it’s bowing a little bit.

    Are we seriously expecting more on Tuesday? I’m running into the problem where I literally have nowhere to put the snow.

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    Yvonne Yoerger

    U.S. Postal Service headquarters is NOT closed. Just another work day……

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    Judy Bradt

    Chillin’ in Montreal, waiting to see if my flight home will be reschedules for a third time! Go, dCA snowplows, go! Otherwise, writimg about changes to waive the Buy American Act for canadian products going into stimulus-funded projects and open new opportunities for US firms to win canadian provincial and local contracts…

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    I. Michael Snyder

    Sleep in and then have Irish Oatmeal … I’ll take it one hour at a time. I used up a large part of my Saturday and Sunday shoveling snow.

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    Rick Wesson

    Just got in last night, quite a chore getting through IAD last night. Most of my monday meetings got canceled so I’m heading out on foot for some picture taking around the capitol.

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    Beth Gibbons

    I am working….our office is open for business at Letterkenny Army Depot. UGH!

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    Kristina Deleon

    Choosing a new health care plan & hand making valentine’s day cards!

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    Sonnie Sussillo

    I’m teleworking, too; I work for DC, but not in DC. Down here in usually-sunny New Mexico, we have sympathy snow! About 1/2″ on the ground. So it will be a regular work day, except without our usual Monday conference call, since no one else is at work.

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    Cal Shintani

    there’s a picture: imagine the entire Federal Government working in its jammies! Happier, healthier, less stressed …

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    Howard Lowell

    As a long-distance telecommuter – 600 miles from DC – it’s just another day in the “Washington” office. Am happy that I changed my flight from DC last weekend to a late one on Thursday!

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    Victor Brown

    Working from home. Makes a good “catch up” day.

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    David Kuehn

    Like many others who have replied, I also am teleworking. I would like to see the Partnership for Public Service, OPM, or some other group report on the level of telework during shutdowns to reinforce the mission dedication of government employees and the payback for having technology and policies in place to support telework.

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    Laurent Delfosse

    Teleworking for a few minutes, then monitoring stuff the rest of the day …

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    Heather Miller

    Working from home….sweats are so much more comfy than a suit and heels!

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    Dennis Sutch

    I’m working from home and continuing to dig my car out of the snowbank.

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    I work for the VA in DC. We are more expendable than other federal employees…the hospital is open and I am at work today.

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    steph Stockman

    Catching up on some work — and shoveling the my driveway–so when our street gets plowed I can escape!

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    Tonya Butler

    Preparing for a business trip to New Orleans tomorrow. Just checked the weather and flight status and it looks like the flight is a go….

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    Teleworking/working from home today…no day off, but a beautiful view out the window with all the snow.

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    Lisa Martin

    The Postal Service is on a liberal leave policy. So I am at the office (relatively easy to get in for me, but lots of roads still looked terrible). “Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night…” Many in our office are well equiped for telework, so a good number are working from home. Telework works.

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    Rob Richardson

    Read an earlier post about doing some online training. I had signed up several months ago and haven’t had much time to start the course, or finish it. I think thats a great idea! I will login and finish up the training. Maybe take a break later to go out and play with my daughter. I hope everyone has a relaxing and safe day off (sorta). 🙂

    Stay safe,

    Rob R. (BIS/OCIO/SecOps)

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    Steve Ressler

    Pretty cool to see the prevalence of teleworking…

    I’m also trying new background music – grooveshark instead of pandora.

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    Les A Kroeger

    Recovering my investment of 3 years ago in a snow blower

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    Chad Holmes

    Working from home. People routinely bemoan the tendency to email the coworker in the next cube, but come snow days, it means there’s little difference between telework and actually being there.

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    kt cowles

    broadband for everyone! all systems up and running and just a regular work day in slippers.

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    Stacy Surla

    Teleworking in comfy clothes… sharing childcare duties with husband (schools closed)… digging the truck out from under.

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    Jim Seymour

    Working from home to complete Service to America Medals nominations. The Partnership is allowing a few extra days this week due to the snow and government closing.

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    Amedee Friestedt

    VPN Jammin after an evening of Sunday’s Best second season marathon – SOOOO GOOD! Gospel singing at it’s FINEST! The winner from Mt. Rainier.

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    James V. Pritchert

    My favorite thing to do is lay in my recliner and channel surf. Unfortunately, this is my regularly scheduled tele-work day, so I am on the job.

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    Jay Fraser

    It does make me appreciate the decision to move from the N’East 4 years ago [ no snowballs please 🙂 ]. So I guess I can’t get my CO on the phone today.

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    Mary Satterfield

    I’m working from home – and frustrated at not being able to get in to work! I’ll take some time off this afternoon to go play in the snow.

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    Tad Reeves

    Well – for me it’s only my 2nd day working for the federal govt, so didn’t think to check the OPM site before strapping on my MTB gear and snow-biking in to DC, only to find out on arrival that everything is closed! At least I got a great ride in! http://flic.kr/p/7BwEu2

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    Lena Trudeau

    Working in the home office…finishing up a report that needs some focused attention. Mmmm, coffee from my bodum is so much better than the stuff at the office 🙂

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    Keith Moore

    Sitting in a hotel room as a result of no power at the house. So working on helping to change the new world of Open Government from a Hotel room.

    Snow storms that result in no power really makes one realize the importance of alternative energy to transparency and participation.

    More snow coming!!! OGTV would love to interview some manufacturers of alternative sources of energy products.

    Any out there….

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    Terrence Hill

    Also teleworking, reading blogs like this one, and submitting ideas to my agency using the new Ideashare website: http://www.usa.gov/webcontent/open/tool_agency_poc.shtml. All things that I couldn’t do while in my office. Also, doing some professionnal reading – Linchpin by Seth Godin – on my KIindle. Good book if you want to be a Linchpin.

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    Spectating from far, far away…about 1-3 inches in the last 3 days in Kabul, so we are O-P-E-N

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    Marla Robinson

    My whole body hurts from digging out from all that snow, now I can get out but hurt too much to try.

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    Sherry L. Weir

    Just finished 4 PMP PDU

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    Donita Prakash

    Working from home! And organizing the family to remove the rest of the snow on the drive 😉

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    John Sporing

    Good day to take care of the taxes. Thank goodness for Turbotax.

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    Stephen Bailey

    Digging out from the snow is a great metaphor for my current activity…sitting at home digging out of my email. My goal is an empty Inbox by COB today.

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    Martha Garvey

    I’m based in New York City, where we got cold weather and a pretty dusting of snow. On a snow day, I telework, but take a break early enough so my dog can enjoy gamboling in the fluffy whiteness.

    Stay warm, everybody. And special thanks to anyone and everyone who has to face this crazy weather to do your job.

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    jill herndon

    Taxes then snow shoveling then taxes then snow shoveling. Chili.

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    Mike Melloy

    What snow day? It business as usual in Kansas City, but we do have about an inch of snow on the ground, so people stayed home (wimpy, wimpy, wimpy 🙂 )

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    Diana Mickle

    Well, I’m teleworking since this is my telework day! Hooray for me, huh.

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    Lisa Sanford

    Taking the opportunity to put a bit more effort into some proposals that are due next week. Great to catch up with associates and get up to date on what they worked on in 2009 to beef up our skill sets, credentials and resumes. LOVE SNOW DAYS…just wish kids weren’t home too.

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    Connie Aaron

    Glad to see other long-distance commuters on this board. My “DC” office is 190 miles southeast of DC. So, I am business as usual. A lot of my officemates in DC are teleworking today. I am scheduled to be in DC on Thursday for a meeting but if more snow is on the way, not sure I want to drive in all that weather. Could I even find a parking space downtown on that day?

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    Jaime Gracia

    Have a full home office, so working. I am scheduled to have a huge week with supporting federal clients on various procurements, so let’s see how the weather holds out.

    Also plan to get caught up on some blogging and writing. Wanted to write an article about the state of corporate America through the lens of the new CBS show Undercover Boss, and hopefully some insight into performance-based acquisition and Web 2.0 in light of the GSA pilot Chris is leading with BetterBuyProject.

    Maybe Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but I’m not sure I’ll have enough time…
    Old School

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    Bill Balko

    I’m working; DISA foresaw the problem that the snowpocalypse was going to bring and suggested that everyone prepare to telework last Friday and today (Monday). We got 33.5″ of snow in Laurel, Maryland two miles from Fort Meade. We had not loose our electricity so most everything is pretty normal except access to the main roads.

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    Meredith Mengel

    Officially…following the government and not working from home. Very nice to “not be working” at a relaxed pace, alongside my human, avian and lapine family :o)

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    John Alter

    Teleworking from home in Reston VA. Not much e-mail or telephone business, with so many people off today. One little quirk about the telework policy is that in my Agency, supervisors and managers can’t work from home, so on the rare bad weather days, they’re off but their staff who telecommute are working! I have to share a funny sign I saw at a medical office recently — it said “Office closed due to Incumbent Weather.” I guess that might actually be correct if the weather has been in place for some time…

    Enjoy your snow day (although you probably aren’t reading your work e-mail)!!

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    Linda Bell

    Watching to Robins eat the berries off of the snow covered trees. Wondering why VPN isn’t working today.

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    Lucas Cioffi

    We’re finalizing the details for February 17th’s Open Government Directive Workshop in partnership with the GSA.

    This will be a highly engaging and productive workshop, rather than a networking event. Participants will co-create actual deliverables that agencies can integrate directly into their open government plans.

    All the folks working on their open government plans for their agencies are welcome to attend. Private sector open government advocates are also welcome to attend.

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    Joe B. Johnson

    Tackling an off-line research project that’s been on the burner for days. Being off the network for a day can be a good thing.

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    Julia Chandler

    Ironically, I flew into DC from England yesterday, to speak at the ALI conference on social media….. that has been cancelled (well, postponed, but it is cancelled for me!) So – I’m here to share UK experiences with social media across government – and find out the highlights and challenges facing colleagues here.
    I have meetings set up for the end of the week already, but if any of you can get into DC Tuesday and/or Wednesday I would love to hear from you. I’m based in the center, it would be good to meet up. You can DM me on twitter: juliac2

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    Jeff S

    Still digging out here in Virginia. Did a bit of sled riding and then scraping ice off the driveway another 8 inches of snow coming in Tuesday.

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    Kathleen Smith

    We are completely set up for working virtually so it has been a normal day of work for us, but challenging with so many people out it is difficult to get anything moving forward. I really enjoyed trying out my snow shoes for the first time this weekend and just finished making an awesome Minestrone soup for my family and some elderly neighbors!

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    James S. Guerin

    I am watching Fox News ravage six figure “do nothing” federal bureaucrats who have yet another day off for the snow.

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    Mark Kirbabas

    Staying at home working on chores I don’t get to normally. Sledding @ Van Dyck park in fairfax. shoveling. relaxing. this was a well-timed event for me. work? it’ll be there next week

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    Kristina Deleon

    Wow, and another snow day tomorrow. 🙂

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    Robert Cox

    Worked today. Probably tomorrow as well. But not that hard.

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    Moved about 3500 pounds of snow – and prepping for
    another ton and a half tomorrow. Who needs a gym membership?

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    e. tyna coles

    First, I slept late and actually made oatmeal for breakfast.
    Second, sorted and read many of the documents that I regularly carry back and forth to work. Spent about two hours on e-mails responses and reading.
    Third, walked outside and moved the snow around in the drive way.
    Fourth, called my kids in college to let them know that Mom and Dad are still alive.
    Fifth, cleaned under the sink and the ferret cage. UGH! Boy am I ready to go back to the office.
    Sixth, completed an outline for a white paper on employee motivation and forwarded the document to my senior executive. I could work at home if my agency supported such activity.


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    Josh Hanson

    At Yakabod, what we are doing right now is a validation of the Yakabox. Work from home, work from wherever you are, and do it securely.

    Most importantly, I’m doing stuff that matters.

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    Maya Brennan

    Teleworking & hosting a conference call on foreclosure mitigation innovations. Anyone care to join, you can get info on forum.housingpolicy.org.

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    Arthur G. Grant

    I’m not in DC, just watching my co-workers scramble to get into the office in DC, and waitng out another rain shower here in L.A.

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    Jeffrey Levy

    Hey everyone – enter your ideas for what to do with all the snow, vote on other people’s ideas, and comment!

    I set this up using the same system more than 20 agencies are using to involve the public in discussions of open government. It’s called Ideascale.


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    Lisa Nelson

    GSA’s Office of Citizen Services is set up for telework so everyone who is a teleworker is expected to put in a full day everyday. The office is running normally except people’s butts are just not in their office seats!

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    Job hunting and doing academic/conf. research.
    Wish fed employees in DC could bite the bullet and do some in-house work to benefit other Americans not snowed in.

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    Arthur G. Grant

    Sounds a little harsh. Seems most the feds on this network are putting in time to keep things moving. Appreicate if you job hunting but they didn’t create the snow.

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    steve davies

    A different story in Australia, so I had to pose a hypthothical.

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    Rachel Winchester

    Wishing that the government had more broadly adopted telework solutions.

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    Rachel Winchester

    I think pretty much every USG employee would prefer to be at work, but between the lack of school/daycare and the lack of telework options, we’re stuck.

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    Rachel Flagg

    I’m based outside DC, but my work teammates are all in DC….so since they are all snowbound and offline, I’m taking the day to catch up on GovLoop :-), clean out my inbox, etc. I am getting a lot done today!

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    Arthur G. Grant

    My understanding is that intermitent power outages and phone line issues are impacting telework. What is your experience with these disruptions.

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    Parked and slept in my car for a time while blizzarding.
    This is a sign for some people to get tough on themselves, learn to be independent, learn to live within their means and not be so extravangant in their personal excursions.

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    Crunching numbers in my cube in Albany, NY

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    Marissa Levin

    In my latest Women’s Entrepreneurship column, I wrote about the business lessons we can all take away form the Blizzards of 2010, and 30 reasons to appreciate the Blizzards!

    Here is the link. Enjoy!


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    Fiona Currie

    On DC Snow Day, I was here in Ottawa wondering where all our snow was.
    Oh, there it is down South! You can send it back here before our ski conditions get really bad. We had two 1-metre (3 foot) snowfalls by this time last year, so we’re feeling pretty deprived right now.

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    Shoveling…reading…shoveling…reading …

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    Hi Everyone – You caught the attention of Washington Technology this week with your responses to this post:



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    Carol Davison

    Cleaning out my old paperwork. Got rid of reciepts from 1982! Now my files are fit and trim. I also cooked, baked, walked, walked and walked my husky and watched tv.

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    Stephen Losey

    Hello! I’m a reporter with Federal Times, and I’d like to talk to some of you who teleworked last week. I’m interested in finding out how well it worked for you, or whether you faced some technological or management hurdles that kept you from working during the blizzard.

    And I’m also interested in hearing from managers, as well as people outside the DC area who had to communicate with headquarters during the mess.

    You can e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks!

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    Arthur G. Grant

    I think the question should be modified to what did you learn about accomplishing your functional mission during these snow days. Was your organization sufficiently effective. What changes should you, will you make to your work at home envrionment to be more comfortable and effective?

    Seems collective lessons learned are in order.

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