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    Steve Ressler

    I wonder how people are spending their MLK Day.

    What are you doing?

    There’s a great MLK Tech challenge going on now.

    Helping out with Haiti-
    -Great resource at crisiscommons.org
    -Donate to Official Whitehouse ClintonBushHaitiFund.org.
    -A GovLooper helped create ProgressiveforHaiti (we try to stay apolitical but a great cause)

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    Steve Ressler

    On the practical level, I’m actually traveling so will be planes, trains, and automobiles.

    But spent last night on gov20radio.com talking many things and was really impressed with Noel Dickover and the Crisis Camp team that put 4 Crisis Camps together in 48 hours to help with the crisis in Haiti – crisiscommons.org

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    Venus Terzella

    I’m a Gov’t contractor that does not have the day off. So, I’m in the office.

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    Steve Ressler

    Yep…I think that is the general trend, right? Are most contractors working today?

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    Marc Palombo


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    Alex Moll

    In observance of MLK day, I am both reflecting on Dr. King’s words, his speeches, his perspectives on ‘beloved community’ and then later, continuing to work on plans for high-functioning public participation toward greater open government. However, I must say, that I wish there was more substantive events commemorating Dr. King, like perhaps reenactments or (real) town halls, where we could create community discussions about his legacy and various core ideas, like freedom, prejudice, etc. However, the American History Museum here in DC has a couple of good learning activities for both young and old, which will be good. It’s got me thinking to begin planning an event for next year. The day is about reflection and service, so maybe there’s a way to combine both today. Hey, listen to MLK by U2.

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    Sharon Henderson

    This government contractor is working too… DC is creeeeepy when no one’s around, as early as I come in! ūüôā

    Continuing to pray for Haiti all along the way, of course.

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    Steve Ressler

    Great song…

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    Carol Davison

    Applying for my superivosr’s job. The Rev Dr MLK empowered even disabled white girls with upward mobility. My thinking that I had an equal opportunity for the position reflects the impact of his works.

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    Like Steve, about to hop on a flight…but just took a few moments to reflect on RFK’s speech on the night of MLK’s assassination…and shared one of my favorite U2 songs, which largely focuses on the work of MLK. You can check them out here: RFK and U2 on MLK

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    My favorite version of this song is by The King’s Singers – an a capella group. Couldn’t find it in a YouTube search, so if someone spots, please post it…could just listen to it over and over as a meditation.

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    Celebration at Washington National Cathedral is sure to be a nice event for the family.


    See you there!

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    Chris Hamm

    My wife and I are spending our morning canvassing Arlington for sponsorships and donations for Cystic Fibrosis

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    Steve Ressler

    Great cause…have a good day canvassing.

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    Emi Whittle

    This little contractor actually has this holiday off! But, I am working for GovLoop! Will start my welcomes in a minute…. then might blog a little about MLKjr.

    And, for those of us who seek another alternative, I donated to http://www.umc.org because – I trust the Methodist church, they already have a church established in the Haiti community and therefore are able to already know the needs and have staff, building, methods, to meet the needs, and although they may have suffered some losses as well, it seems like they would have a better chance to help being already established there. ūüôā

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    Ben Berkowitz

    Training Yale undergrad volunteers on Translating SeeClickFix, Signing-Up Public Officials and Creating new locations on the site. I guess I’m working and they’re volunteering.

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    Sheila Edmondson

    Working with a non-profit to organize a Haitian relief fundraiser.

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    Rohn Brown

    Well… If public service is considered a “Day of Service” if you’re volunteering to work without any extra pay, then I guess I’m doing a Day of Service!

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    Terrence Hill

    About 30 DHS employees partnered with Greater DC Cares to help assemble about 1000 personal first aid kits for the Civil Air Patrol. In the same building (Washington Post), there were projects for DC Central Kitchen, Martha’s Table, and the DC Firefighters Burn Unit. Greater DC Cares put together lots of great projects on MLK Day!

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    dan m ketter

    I’m drawing unemployment insurance because of the recovery

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    Eric Jasso

    Enjoying the rare SoCal rain, fixing photos on the Macbook and watching Jonny Quest videos with the kids.

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    Jan-W. Briedé

    I’m at a course

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    Shoveling lots of snow here in Maine

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    Kevin Freeman

    Working, but on this day, I always pull out an old VHS tape of the “I Have a Dream” speech and watch it.

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    Erikka Gleckel

    I am also a government contractor, however I spent the day volunteering with Greater DC Cares by painting hallways and doors of a school in SE DC. It was a very fulfilling day!

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    Jason Hastings

    Always had mixed feelings on Dr. King. During the 50s and early 60s he was a heroic figure in American history, but by the late 60s he had made a hard left turn in American politics. Some say it was due to his disapproval of the Vietnam War.

    BTW U2 got it wrong- “Early morning April 4 a shot rang out in the Memphis sky.” Dr King was shot in the late afternoon.

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    Lisa Guthrie

    Our family spent MLK Day building Cub Scout Pinewood Derby cars.

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    Judith Pacifico

    Am I the only person that lays around?

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    Harry Reisig

    I volunteered with two great groups in San Francsico, Citizen Hope and A Good Idea. They organized more than 40 volunteers to host a party for homeless families, another for low income seniors, cleaned a park, and gave out food, clothing and toiletries to the homeless around San Francisco. Then we went out for a few drinks and some fun. Great organizations to volunteer with- Citizen Hope & A Good Idea. You can find them on Facebook.


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    Charles Malone

    I spent the day attending a Martin Luther King prayer breakfast in the Raleigh-Durham area. There were about 2,000 people present, including our NC governor, three area congressmen and a host of local ministers and civic leaders. The key speaker was the state NAACP president, William Barber, who challenged the crowd to work and dream and plan according to King’s vision.

    Charles Malone

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    Annette M Super

    Folks from my division brought spouses and teen kids to the Arlington Food Assistance Center. We spent about 2.5 hours crating food and dividing about 400 lbs each of rice and corn meal into individual family servings. After that rallied about 14 neighborhood kids to collect trash for about an hour. Then quizzed each other on MLK facts. Fun day!

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    Jeremy Michael Long

    Helping Family, catching up on chores and things that ive been trying to get to since “Sliced Cheese,” especially household chores, etc.

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    Timonie Hood

    We shared a MLK-Day-worthy breakfast feast with friends & wee ones & then relistened to his great speech, “Why I am Opposed to the War in Vietnam.”


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    Rick Rybeck

    My father has been writing a book about economic justice. We had a family reunion to discuss the latest draft of this book and about how property tax reform can promote more affordable housing, job growth and more compact development.

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    Really impressed by the variety of things that people did this past Monday…I’m inspired by your commitment to public service – both professionally and personally!

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