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    Steve Ressler

    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a great day. In honor of Thanksgiving, the question of the day is:

    “What Are You Thankful For?”

    -Opportunity to pursue my passion (GovLoop)
    -Great family
    -Amazing friends
    -The thousands of amazing colleagues I’ve met over the year on GovLoop
    -A wonderful lady
    -Two cool cats

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    Beth Beck

    1) God
    2) family/friends
    3) United Stated of America
    4) soldiers who risk their lives to keep me safe (and speak freely)
    5) opportunity to be part of an aMAZing space community.

    Tomorrow, we conclude another successful Space Shuttle mission to Space Station. Only 5 more Shuttle flights EVER in the history of mankind. (Tear)

    And, gotta’s love federal holidays. TOTally thankful for civil servant badge….

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! 😀

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    Beth Beck

    And pls forgive all the typos. I’m on holiday, after all!

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    – My family
    – A great job when so many others are unemployed
    – That Sarah Palin isn’t our president

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    W. David Stephenson

    -My son in Afghanistan and the other selfless men and women who are defending us.
    -The Native Americans here in MA who befriended the Pilgrims: would that we had been more charitable in response (hey: we paid a price for that: they burned my town in 1673)!
    -my family
    -GovLoop and the whole ethos of sharing and community that marks Gov. 2.0
    -the many people who have helped me with my “Democratizing Data” book, now thankfully nearing completion
    -the MacSpeech software that helped me overcome writers’ block (hey, if you can’t write a book, speak it!)
    -the wonderful education I got @ Haverford, which left me eager to take on new challenges and new fields, and to always be grounded in ethical action.
    -the lover of working with your hands that my father passed on, so that I could renovate my kitchen all by myself, and now enjoy cooking Thanksgiving dinner in it.
    – the new tradition I learned from Toni Stone of Wonderworks Studio: each person in turn saying 3 things you were grateful 4 continuously during the dinner: not only does Thanksgiving last longer than 20 min. (LOL) but you actually really realize all of the mundane things for which you are thankful.
    David Stephenson

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    I am thankful for having a job, being in good health, the good health of my family & friends

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    I. Michael Snyder

    I am thankful for:
    – A new job after 6 months of unemployment
    – The support of family and friends during this trying time
    – My wonderful wife, my caring son, plus my 4 loving dogs and numerous foster dogs
    – My scout troop and the support of the boys and adults in providing me with a chance to contribute to the a giving and learning community
    – All the great people at M-NCPPC for their welcoming attitude
    – A great and giving country of people who strive to help others in the face of disaster and terrorism.

    What I wish for in the coming year:
    – Positions for those people I know still looking for work
    – Opportunities for all those seeking and discouraged by the current job market
    – A rapid and broad increase in prosperity as the economy improves
    – An end to hostilities and peace among all the worlds citizens
    – Improvements in the availability of renewable, sustainable, and green energy for everyone
    – Continued world-wide collaboration in the pursuit of medical break-throughs for all disease, illnesses, and health related hardships
    – Freedom, liberty, and happiness for all.

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    Penny Potter

    A husband who is willing to venture to Walmart — one of the few open stores on Thanksgiving — to buy a new kitchen faucet and replace the one that broke this morning.

    Other things I’m grateful for:
    – having the perfect job with a great group of people
    – great government clients
    – being able to connect with friends and family via web 2.0

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    Jay Flanagan


    -I just celebrated 12 years of continuous sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous
    -I just retired after working for the Federal government for 33 years
    -My 20-year old son came to visit us for the Thanksgiving holiday
    -Last month, I was able to give him my old 3-year chip to celebrate his third year of sobriety

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    Michael Friend

    I’m thankful for my health and family. I’m thankful that I had an opportunity to voluneer for Food & Friends this Thanksgiving morning as my family (Jody & Jabari) delivered meals to individuals with life challenging illnesses. God Bless Us All!!!!

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    I am thankful for the many wonderful opportunities for a dignified life that our government (in collaboration with non-profits and private social entrepreneurship) constantly works to afford its citizens. On this day, I try to always remember to be thankful for the privilege of living in such a nation when the majority of the world’s people find themselves in nations whose government (for whatever reason) are unable to offer their people constant access to the basic needs for a dignified life: safety, clean food and water, shelter, job opportunities, etc. We truly are a blessed people, and may we never forget our brothers and sisters around the world that struggle everyday for the basic needs: be them within our own communities or overseas in another community. I am thankful for a conscious responsibility to others within an ever greater interconnected world. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Radiah Givens-Nunez

    Being healthy
    My beautiful husabnd & family
    Having a roof over my head that is safe
    Clean food & water
    A warm and comfortable home
    The internet access
    That my mother-in-law survived brain surgery
    That my family and friends still have their jobs, and are prosperous
    Free knowledge


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    Arthur Gabriele

    I’m thankful for my wonderful family
    For surviving Viet Nam, Bypass surgery, Being stabbed through the back of my neck with a hunting knife 5 inches deep.

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    Sue Webster

    1) God
    2) family/friends
    3) freedom
    4) women/men defending our freedom
    5) warm home, food
    6) good health
    7) Federally Employed Women and other organizations that offer networking, training opportunities
    Happy Thanksgiving all!

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    JoAnn Hague

    I am thankful for …

    – The immense grace that allows me to read amazing messages of thanks [I’m writing this on Friday morning … a bit late 🙂 ]
    – God’s mercy
    – GovLoop, its leadership and members
    – U.S. Air Force, Triune Group, my leadership for collaboration and trust
    – Dedication of the U.S. military in its commitment to the people of the U.S. and world
    – My husband and family (with special thanks for our first grandchild)
    – A thanksgiving list that seems to be endless

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    I Thank God for my blessings
    My family especially the grandchildren, friends and associates
    this wonderful country of liberty
    those who have / are sacrificing to keep us secure and free
    health and the very breathe I can still take
    Life starts out a journey and hopefully becomes a quest.
    Happy holidays to all and help someone less fortunate.

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    Meredith Mengel

    My families (home, church, neighborhood, work)
    The magic of community
    Health, home and abundance

    Peace and joy to all!


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    Meredith Mengel

    Hmmm, I’ll bet there’s an interesting story about the stab wound–and how you came to be grateful for it!

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    Mark Van Alstyne

    – Loving wife
    – Great kids
    – Our family’s health
    – Challenging job with great co-workers
    – Good friends
    – The ability to play music with my wife and friends
    – The ability to stay physically active

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    Amanda Blount

    I am not happy about the Shuttle ending – yes many many tears.

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    Amanda Blount

    ALL of those things sound so great.

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    Amanda Blount

    I am so proud of both of you. I hope the best for your families this coming year, and I hope for you the courage and love to keep going.

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    Amanda Blount

    My wonderful family who puts up with me!
    I am so Thankful for the wonderful job I have and the wonderful co-workers I have.
    My cat and rabbit which both bring me joy non-animal lovers will never understand.
    Govloop, facebook, ….well just the internet in general. I really love the internet.
    NASA, which I have loved dearly my whole life.
    All four of us in my immediate family are in college, and we all have a job. Really, who could ask for more than that in this economy?
    I have so much to be thankful for, I could keep this up all day.

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    Debbe Kennedy

    Great to read all the responses…I’m coming on the end of this wonderful time of remembrance and gratitude — with so many things happening all around us, this Thanksgiving “being GRATEFUL” for so many blessings seemed so present. The many serving on our behalf…those scared and worried…so much need everywhere. Being safe my greatest Gift for which I remain forever grateful.

    I read a quote from the mystic poet, RUMI, which I had not read before. It seems to help us RE-THINK our STRUGGLES and EASE — our JOYS and TRIALS — and… It seems to give purpose and perspective to so many things in our lives:

    “God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of OPPOSITES…so that you will have two wings to fly, not one.”

    TODAY — the finale of the holiday arrived. An unexpected 70 degree day with a lite breeze. Blessings flow…Coast Trail near SF — Debbe

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    Tammy Hurley

    My job.
    My job.
    My job.

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    Carrie Guinn

    I’m thankful
    -that my children were all together for thanksgiving.
    -for the wonderful friends in my life
    -for my job – and it’s still here after a week of vacation
    -for the internet which allows us to extend our connections and friendships
    -for our good health.
    -for my son who just returned from a SE Asia tour of military bases where he was the DJ for Streetballers; They played basketball with the troops an entertained their families who are away from their families this holiday season. This was his first “temp job” after being unemployed for over a year now. Hope he finds something permanent soon.

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    Sharyn Weiser

    I am thankful for my family, good friends, my health, and a great job!

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    Sandra Baxendell

    My husband
    My Children
    My extended family
    My health (even if not perfect)
    My freedom from hunger, war and cold etc

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    Dan Knoll

    Thankful to have a job! The way the economy is I know people who are looking for work. Also thankful for the love my wife and I share, for our friends and family and for our health.

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