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    Federal News Radio

    All this week, Federal News Radio is presenting its series, Top Ten for 2010: Bold Predictions where we predict 10 things that we think will happen in the federal community in 2010.

    On Monday, our morning show, the Federal Drive, predicted that silos will fall. Our afternoon radio show, the Daily Debrief, thinks the government will still need to heavily rely on contractors.

    Tuesday we heard why our news team thinks the federal budget will stay flat in 2011 and why cloud computing will become standard operation procedure.

    Today, we’re chatting about why we think the Air Force tanker deal could be split in two and how greening the government is more than just a fad.

    Tell us what you think about any and all of our predictions. Feel free to make some of your own as well!!

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    Steve Ressler

    My bold prediction…hmmm..

    My prediction is that Gov 2.0/Social media in government hits its teenager years in 2010. Up in till now people were barely paying attention and it was the cute kid that kind of wasn’t allowed but we let him/her get away with a few things.

    Now that Gov 2.0 is known people are figuring out what to do. So this is a year of 2 steps forward, 1 steps back. Do you put the 10pm curfew on the teenager? Begin to trust him/her? Provide learning moments…

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    Rick Alcantara

    Here are my bold predictions for 2010:

    * Sales of the Apple tablet will crush the Kindle
    * Twitter will continue to grow dramatically
    * Internet radio in your car may signal the beginning of the end for traditional radio
    * 3D television will dramatically change how we view programs
    * Litigation around social media will rise geometrically
    * Government agencies will integrate more social media capabilities into their websites and overall community outreach
    * Bing will chew up more of Yahoo’s share of the search market
    * Several newspapers and magazines will shutter their print operations in favor of delivering their publications on interactive tablets

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