What are your reactions to the State of the Union Address?

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    Here’s the text from the White House.

    What stood out for you?

    How will the President’s remarks have an impact on your job?
    Note: Please refrain from making political commentary (read: hyper-partisan). Let’s communicate from the perspective of implementing on the President’s vision. Thank you!
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    Al Arnold

    Huh? I don’t understand.

    How can someone comment on a State of the Union address and not make political commentary? It was a political speech. Any remarks made about it would be political commentary.

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    Hey Al – In many ways, I see it as a manager setting a vision for his company. While it is inherently political, people employed by government are being asked to carry out that vision.

    So, for instance, the President talked about the Recovery Act having an impact and cited several examples. I’d be curious to know if there are government employees who have been directly involved in the Recovery Act and how they have contributed to its execution.

    I also heard the President talk about job creation. Anybody in the Department of Labor or another agency that will be involved with activities to ensure that people find employment?

    How will GovLoop’ers be involved in ensuring Americans get solid financial information to make good decisions, to engage in research to develop more efficient forms of energy….and so on?

    What do you think?

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    Mark Hammer

    I only caught a portion of it, but was very pleased to hear an exhortation to bring community colleges and supports for community college education a little closer to the spotlight.

    Traditionally, this is a tragically underserved group. Both the people who might train at community colleges, and the kinds of jobs they might obtain or even create. That group, which sits between unskilled minimum-wage labour and high-end university-educated labour, plays a vital role in the economy and economic growth of any nation. These are also jobs that one can provide and guarantee for one’s own citizens because you can’t outsource plumbers, electricians, carpenters, or other technical jobs to call centres in the Philipines. These are jobs which serve the community, and the sorts of jobs which form the basis of the small businesses the president also indicated wanting firmer support for.

    Certainly one of the shortcomings of contemporary university training is that it too often does not provide graduates with the skills and knowledge to create/invent their own jobs. More often than not, it prepares them for professions that can only be pursued through being employed by a larger entity. And that’s not always going to happen. Certainly not fast enough to pay off that debt load.

    “Main Street” doesn’t have to be skyscrapers. It’s also folks in modest storefronts providing real services for decent and stable, if not exceptional, wages.

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