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    Steve Ressler

    So we’re fleshing out data.govloop.com where we are trying to provide data repositories to help you do your job better.

    Examples include: List of OpenGov plans, list of FY10 Per diem rates, List of gov’t hiring programs, and list of gov’t barcamps.
    What other data would you like to see?
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    Steve Ressler

    Some ideas I have
    -List of gov’t discounts
    -List of gov’t events in your area
    -List of key gov’t associatons
    -List of graduate programs
    -List of trainings

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    Geoff Hancock

    To add to your list–
    Gov’t job programs(IT, Medical, etc)
    List of hot jobs (jobs that agencies have indicated are of top priority or are of a critical need)
    Job projections by agency.

    I know this is a lot, thanks for anything you can do!

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    alex stobart

    What data would help my job/career ?

    1) an easy way to access the names of those peoople I need to work with now, in the future and from the past – a sort of “mind map” type drawing with the contacts in my field

    2) where my equivalent job holders are in other public agencies

    3) both of the above in easily searchable, semantic type field searches

    4) a library, a “content rich people map”

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    Steve Ressler

    Really cool ideas…

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