What Did Vivek REALLY Accomplish (And Who Should Succeed Him)?

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    Quite a lot, I think you’ll agree!

    In case you hadn’t heard the news, our nation’s first-ever Federal CIO is stepping down and starting something new in August. Here’s the laundry list of accomplishments from the White House blog:

    1. cracked down on wasteful IT spending,
    2. saved $3 billion in taxpayer dollars;
    3. moved the government to the cloud;
    4. strengthened the cybersecurity posture of the nation while making it more open, transparent, and participatory.
    5. replicated across the world from 16 countries that have deployed the data.gov model to tap into the ingenuity of their people to multiple countries that have deployed the IT dashboard to save money.

    Did they miss anything that should be pointed out?

    Among these accomplishments, which do you think is his most important (and potentially lasting) legacy?

    Of course, we can also start looking into our crystal balls and wonder: who should replace him?

    Eager to hear your thoughts…

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    Andrea Baker

    As I mentioned in another thread, Kundra has much to be lauded for in his efforts to champion these changes. However, he was the figure head, not the implementer. The unsung heroes are those who did the coding, wrote the policies, and created the new standards. I know it takes a great manager to move an organization, if not a company ahead and I don’t want to take away from that. However, I want to make sure we acknowledge the worker bees that should get some credit.

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    Bill Brantley

    His 25-point plan was his biggest accomplishment because it started the conversation on how to improve the Federal IT infrastructure.

    But I want to argue with your fifth point, Andy. The data.gov model was a good first step in Open Government but I personally believe that many mistakenly equated Open Gov with Open Data. Open Data is just the first step in Culture Change which should be the true legacy of Open Gov.

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    AJ Malik

    As someone who knew and worked with Vivek (way back during his Arlington County days), his meteoric professional career is an inspiration to all of us. As the US CIO, I applaud Vivek’s leadership that resulted in democratizing data, data visualization, including the IT dashboard, and of course serving as the government’s ‘Cloud Sherpa‘ to consolidate expensive data centers and introducing subscription-based IT services for agencies. There is still a mountain of work that needs to get done after Vivek departs, so his predecessor, whomever he or she is, will also require the same visionary, change agent, innovative transformation leader qualities, to effectively drive government forward during these challenging times. Good luck at Harvard, Vivek and thank you.

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    Jaime Gracia

    The 25 point plan is also for me one of the most significant aspects of Vivek’s considerable leadership. My hope is that his successor picks up the standard and continues to move forward on fully implementing these items to realize considerable savings and performance improvements in how government buys and implements technology.

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    Steve Ressler

    Martha Dorris at GSA might be a good candidate to replace Vivek. She did all the work for Vivek’s new systems intiatives and could carry the ball further.

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