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    Chris Trent

    I don’t mean when you lose a debate, or when a colleague strongly disagrees with you. I mean, when you are straight up ignorant. You insisted that Abraham Lincoln was America’s first President, and now you’ve been incontrovertibly proven wrong.

    In the interests of your career, your office, and your mission, how do you respond?

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    Interesting question

    I hate it when I am wrong, and is worst when I am proven wrong, now I have to apologize, which is something hard to do for me, I retrace my steps and see what went wrong and why, do reasearch and try to fix it, sort of make up for the mistake and correct…sadly still no apology, something I need to work on I know.

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    Chris Trent

    It’s always easier to identify gaps in our professional behavior than to actually fill those gaps, isn’t it?

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    Agree!…is hard to mend once the deed is done, good news is I am making progress.

    Thanks for this good question.

    Minor note:

    Lincoln was not the first president!? 😉

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