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    Alan L. Greenberg

    The GSA scandal has been quiet, save for that ridiculous midnight raid by the IG (for which I read a lot of excuses but no apology). It’s been almost four months since my last You Tube zinger. Although it irritated a few people, nothing has happened since that time to prove that anything I said in my video or blog was incorrect. This is a bs scandal. I’m still waiting to hear someone tell me I was wrong. Maybe it’s time for another You Tube production.


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    Steve Ressler

    From talking to govies, the effect is still there. Heard from a friend about a bunch of their internal conferences cancelled. And the VA CHCO just resigned over their conferences

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    Henry Brown

    Just talked to an ex-coworker and the agency that I worked for has for decades had an annual off-site and it was cancelled this year (FY12) reason given was budgetary concerns … Draw your own conclusion

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    Alan L. Greenberg

    Yes, there was definite fallout. A culture change about conferences was overdue but this caused overkill, something that the hospitality industry will no doubt lobby their representatives about. The point I was getting at, however, was all of the blowhard threats and predictions from the IG and some elected officials about ramifications. So far no criminal charges – probably because there is no evidence. No move to make GSA go away (GSA delivers a lot of pork and photo ops for elected officials and really does serve an important business function). The last Senate hearing was a love-in. I have maintained all along that this should not have been a political and media frenzy but was something which could have been corrected internally.

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    Terrence Hill

    Yep! The days of having “off-site” conferences or even traveling to the field offices, may be over. The secondary scandal at GSA was the travel costs incurred by their “virtual” workers. Thank goodness we now have web-conferencing to replace those expensive “boondoggles.” I’ll miss the happy hours and continental breakfasts, but maybe it will be better for my health.

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    Alan L. Greenberg

    Always good to hear from you Terry. You are right. The “virtual” program is a scandal unto itself and probably one of the most abused employee benefit programs in government. When I wrote “Confessions” it was intented as fun, not a tell-all, but I mentioned some programs like this and how they were abused, never anticipating that it would become a national scandal. The business that CNN reported a few weeks back was only the tip of the iceberg – in fact what they missed is probably more significant than what they reported.

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    Sterling Whitehead

    I can’t attend any event this year with the word “conference” (unless on my own time) in it b/c of the scandal. The words “seminar” and “training event” are also being scrutinized by leadership.

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    Jaime Gracia

    I agree, it is the height of political mendacity to create phony accountability. When the Commission on Wartime Contracting released their final report earlier this year, they stated that over $60 BILLION was unaccounted for, and presumed the victim of fraud, waste, and abuse. Washington and the media effectively shrugged their shoulders and yawned.

    GSA is wasting millions, and is months and months behind schedule on the System for Award Management (SAM), the consolidation of procurement systems. VA is wasting millions on ineffective healthcare for veterans.

    Let’s focus on eliminating montecristo sandwiches (which are delicious, by the way) and cutting down on training and travel, at a time when it is needed most since it makes better headlines.

    I’m going to go bang my head against a wall for a while…

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