What is the Craziest Thing you have Done/Sacrificed When Trying to Save Money?

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    Shannon Kennedy

    Saving money sometimes means cutting back and making sacrifices. What is the craziest thing you have done/sacrificed when trying to save money? Hopefully nothing like this…

    Poor Captain Stuey and Little Miss Neptune. Why cut back when you can save by taking advantage of GEICO’s awesome discounts to federal employees? Hope you enjoyed this week’s GEICO Friday Fun Video!


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    Terrence Hill

    I’m loving these weekly GEICO videos. It gives me something to look forward to (besides West Wing Week). I used to take Greyhound buses everywhere instead of flying while I was in the military. Not a pleasant experience!

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    Steve Ressler

    Not that crazy but I’ve been known to sneak in popcorn to movie theatres.

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    Stephanie Slade

    I’ve lived for two years in a tiny cardboard box of a house with one bathroom and two roommates. Ah, grad school.

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    Mark Hammer

    There was a terrific short story by Ray Bradbury called “The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit” about a handful of men of the same stature who pooled their money and purchased a dapper light-weight white summer suit to share. Each man got to wear it, according to their schedule, and good things would happen to them simply because…well, as Reverends Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill so astutely proclaimed “Every girl crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man”. The other men, meanwhile were stuck inside, sitting in their boxers and undershirts by the window fan when it wasn’t their turn for the suit.

    Before I entered government, we had a period where things were pretty lean. I was unemployed, and my wife was home with an infant, our second child. Savings were non-existent, unemployment payments were meagre, and a car was out of the picture. We had a single municipal monthly bus-pass between us. Use of the pass required one to show the driver an ID card and the pass, and the number on the pass and ID card had to match. The municipal transit wanted that number inscribed on the pass in ink. Fortunately, they didn’t get fussy about it until the middle of the month or so. We had a soft lead pencil that was dark enough to look like black ink if you didn’t stare at it too long. My wife and I shared the pass by carefully erasing the number, and pencilling in the other one’s pass number, each time we needed to go out anywhere (e.g., a job interview or grocery shopping). That pass became like the ice cream suit – our passport to the “outside world”.

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    Jay Johnson

    I remember as a kid I was watching the news on TV (Tom Brokov) and they were talking about a similar competition that to the best of my recollection was called “How Cheap Am I?” or some such. The premise was the same – above and beyond the call of thriftiness. The winner of the contest stated that they bought 2-ply toilet paper and split it to make it last longer. Not sure why I can recall that weird and insignificant memory. It’s an interesting place inside my head. Hope that gives everyone a laugh this Monday.

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    Maybe not necessarily on point, but below are a few actions I took during leaner times:

    1)Check cashing shops. As a poor soldier, things got lean around payday, so we used to write postdated checks at an interest rate of 20%! Some guys spun into a downward spiral and got in some real trouble with that.

    2)I remember transferring money between accounts to get the minimum amount out, i.e. my savings had $7, my checking $5, so I’d transfer $3 from checking to savings in order to withdraw the minimum amount of $10!

    3)As teens, a friend and I would ride our bikes up to a local restaurant for lunch every few weeks when we got paid from our minimum wage jobs. We were both too old for the kid’s meals, but they would let us order them anyway. We agreed to trade off ordering first and enduring the humiliation of saying “I’ll take a kiddie burger and fry”, where the other would just get off easy by saying “Same for me”-sort of odd now that it was such a big deal!

    4)Siphoning gas from older siblings and parents when we ran low.

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    My wife and I participated in Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” and saved tons of money while knocking out tens of thousands of dollars of debt in less than a year. It felt crazy and old-fashioned to go to an envelope system, but it worked!

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    Stacy Rapp

    Well, interesting. I’ve lived in an upstairs that was illegally (most certainly a fire hazard!) rearranged to accomodate more people (but was by far in the way the cheapest way to go) in Sydney. 10 people, 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen. At least I wasn’t living in the stairwell (a bed hanging over half the staircase…no joke!). I’ve slept in half a dozen airports, caught overnight buses to save on both accommodation and travel. The list goes on and on, most of my friends would say I’m ridiculous and my boyfriend says I am cheap to my detriment. O well, it’s interesting to investigate how much you can get for a little :0)

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    Stacy Rapp

    Siphoning gas from a sibling! hehe That’s great! Yes, it’s wrong, but very funny :0)

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    Stephanie Slade

    I may have one-upped myself… Right now I’m considering living in a boys’ off-campus college dorm for the next few months. Someday I will have an apartment of my own…

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    Bonnie Kisko

    I don’t do this so much now, but as a kid, when we used the T.P. we had to ‘count the squares on the roll” and could only use “4 squares” at one setting. Yikes…not always easy thing to do.

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    Carol Davison

    I grew up on a farm without much money so I hesitated to ask my parents for anything. One items I wanted was a pecan bar, but I never asked for one. Evidently my husband rembered the story, because on our honeymoom he bought me one! The marriage ended, but I when I think of the pecan bar I remember him being thoughtful.

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    C Stephenson

    I opened my own boutique so I wouldn’t have to go shopping anymore!

    BTW, it is called The Barcelona Boutique and it is just a few doors down from the District Taco on Lee!

    50% off all classic career wear and trendy casual wear. 60% off if you just mention this post!

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