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    Steve Ressler

    The TV stereotype of an average government employee’s day is usually polar extremes – the DMV worker doing nothing behind a desk or the CSI detective solving crimes.

    But that’s not reality. Government work is not a TV show and there’s as much diversity within government as between government and industry.

    Which leads me to ask…

    What is your average day like?

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    Mark Hammer

    Mouse-clicking. Eight hours of relentless, unforgiving, mouse-clicking. I need a new index finger. Just glad it’s my picking hand and not my fret hand.

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    Steve Ressler

    Hope you have a good mouse 🙂

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    Constantly trying to stay afloat. Doing the best that I am able to with the demands of the postion.

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    Julie Chase

    Following my PD. Doing what my supervisor asks of me in relation to my PD. Customer service. Mouse clicking, (when the computer is actually working correctly). Sticking to regulations/policies/procedures set forth by the DoD, DoN.

    (if you are looking for a better way to do something (oh yeah, innovation), don’t look here). Every job is part of a mission. Every mission is part of the support of the military. No deviations from it. Basically, you do the same thing every day, year in year out. Except when it gets really hairy at the end of the FY. It’s like a roller coaster ride from August to Oct 1. We do celebrate the end of the FY with an organizational pot luck. A little chill time. :o)

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