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    Attia Nasar

    I have about 10 pages of apps on my iPhone (just can’t seem to get enough!). I have games, cooking apps and many educational apps. A lot of the apps I don’t use regularly, but I feel would be nice to have just in case. Since I moved to D.C. I’ve found the Metro App to be really helpful.

    What is your favorite app to use and why?
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    Stephen Peteritas

    My fav is TigerText… just kidding. No the one I find myself using more than any other is my googletalk app. It really has replaced old school instant messaging. Also sadly pocket tanks app keeps me rather occupied during long metro commutes.

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    Attia Nasar

    I did not realize there was an app for Tanks, I love that game!

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    Stephen Peteritas

    Great way to pass time on the metro. I just wish I could find a free version of worms!

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    Heather Coleman

    Great question. Looking forward to learning about more great apps from people’s responses. I have to admit, I probably use Scrabble the most and play with friends and family through Facebook. I also love the social networking apps – Facebook, Tweetdeck, LinkedIn, Foursquare and GovLoop of course! I’ve downloaded several preschooler games for my kids and a couple of books for them too.

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    Attia Nasar

    Cool! I was addicted to Words for a while. Im curious to know what kind of games your kids play?

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    Rich Mariner

    Ben Stein Trivial = It’s an Iphone version of his old Comedy Central show “Win Ben Steins Money”.

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    Attia Nasar

    Wow thanks for the list. I don’t think I have tried any of these!

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    Michael Vallez

    Attia, I actually have an iPhone/iPad app review website http://www.crazymikesapps.com where you can find my app addiction in video, written, and blog posts. Here are some of my favorites:

    -1 password
    -the analytics app
    -red laser
    -tweet deck
    -social quotes

    if you ever have any app questions feel free to ask.



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    Some of mine:
    * Audiobooks (Free) by Traveling Classics — uses free Librivox recordings of classic books (where the copyright is expired), read by volunteers
    * Evernote (which someone else mentioned)
    * Photoshop.com Mobile — fun for airbrushing your photographic memories
    * Kaleidoscope — fun for turning your photos into something beautiful but unrecognizable
    * iReadMusic — teaches music reading skills, and helps you translate them to the instrument of your choice
    * Camera Zoom
    * Shopper — for shopping lists by store, aisle, location
    * Nozbe — best to-do app I have found for GTD on the iPhone, but if you sign up for the online version, it gets pricey. I’m still debating that portion.

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    Attia Nasar

    Wow thanks. I will definitely have to check out the Audiobook.

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    Tammie Shipe

    Noticed this was an old thread, but I was just thinking the same questions so I thought I would bump it up to the top again…

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