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    Bill Annibell

    So what is your absolute favorite mobile application (regardless of your mobile device) and why?

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    Steve Ressler

    Yelp…always in a random place and want to find a good place to eat or coffee shop. Before smart phones, that was impossible. Now its easy.

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    David Fletcher

    It was TweetDeck on my iPhone until that stopped functioning, so no it has to be Echofon. With TweetDeck I was able to effectively keep up with everything from wherever I was, post relevant content, and engage across 6 different gov related identities.

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    Martha Garvey

    My favorite, for right now, is NYCWay (so far for the iPhone and the Touch), because I am a diehard New Yorker and because it was built in response to the NYC BigApps contest sponsored by the city. I can find out about subway updates AND whether the restaurant I am heading toward has had a health inspection lately….and its “where to find coffee” database has been growing by leaps and bounds.

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    David Fletcher

    What do you think about this iPhone app to drive a car?

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    Bill Annibell

    I think it is a glimpse into the future… Although slow to respond, this app is truly a sign of things to come, in my humble opinion. Mobile computing will change the world!

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    Juan Jackson

    I like Twidroid….It is a nice tweeter app.

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    Sheldon Smith

    Adobe has a good app for the iPad/iPhone. It’s Adobe Connect, and enables users to take part in internet meetings, complete with video, audio and a screen display. Has anyone used it? Does anyone know of any other collaborative apps that might benefit the Army?

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    Tammie Shipe

    Does anybody have any updates to their lists now?

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