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    Alice M. Fisher

    I just added comments to a CIO blog about 12 Other Micro Blog tools to consider, besides Twitter.

    I am curious if you all are soley using Twitter? Why? Why Not?
    Who is using any of these other tools mentioned. What are your thoughts, is one more fucnctional vs. any of the others? Why would Government agencies choose one over the other? Have the all been vetted? Which would be a best practice tool and which pose the least or most risk? Any thoughts?

    Now, once you have or are using Twitter or some other a micro blog, what is you business strategy for such? Why are you using it for business communicaitons? Or, is it just for occassional personal updates on what your are eating or doing at a single moment?

    I came across this Tip Sheet on Twitter Strategy. It is a worthy quick read. It’ s based on an examination of how you currently use Twitter vs to how you could/should/might try to be using Twitter (or other micro blogs).

    Are you just a lurker? Or are you a Trusted Guru? Read more about The 8 Basic Twitter Strategies: http://j.mp/6i1Foe

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    Gerry La Londe-Berg

    from my blog awhile ago… http://sonomabuzz.net/2009/10/09/some-ideas-for-the-new-twitter-user/

    I use Twitter and GovLoop. I started using Facebook for personal stuff but it became too much. I also took the advice given on GovLoop concerning not getting “too personal” via Facebook with other staff, especially those you supervise.

    I use Twitter to follow local politics and other local issues/contacts.

    Twitter is transient so venting, tweeting, too much is counterproductive (time wise) unless the tweets are also linked to your own blog or some such tracking tool.

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    Alice M. Fisher

    Thanks so mcuh for the personal feedback.

    This is a challenge, knowing how to manage all the communication mediums available to us. Cell, email, IM, FB, Twitter, GovLoop, Text messaging and others..

    Linking all your social/communications platforms together through say by Ping.fm or Tweetdeck allows you to manage all of them from one place and tweet and responde to all the conversations near realtime.

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