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    Steve Ressler

    I’m a big fan of coffee.

    Spend a lot of time in coffee shops, cranking away on GovLoop awesomeness.
    And I usually just order the coffee of the day, maybe put some cream and sugar in it.
    But I know a lot of people have ordering coffee down to a science…like triple venti mocha latte with a shot of raspberry.
    So what’s your favorite cup of coffee? How do you order?
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    Lisa Pierson

    Grande vanilla soy latte, works every time!

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    Kevin Carroll

    I actually work at a coffee shop (one of my jobs while I am getting my MPA). Black coffee or skinny latte (no flavor shot).

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    Patt Franc

    Cuppa Joe in Aspen Park, CO makes a killer giant skinny caramel latte!

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    Karen Gard

    starbucks, by far

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    Ryan Heise

    I prefer a double shot of espresso. If the coffee shop can’t pull a decent espresso, I know it’s not worth frequenting!

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    Ed Albetski

    I must be a throwback. French Roast, black.

    I used to be a cream and sugar guy, but the little carton of cream kept going sour in the office fridge and I don’t like sugar in black coffee, so I started just drinking it black out of laziness and now I’ve developed a taste for it.

    I prefer to make my own coffee. Starbuck’s routinely over-roasts their beans. French Roast beans should be very dark and sticky with oil, produced by a slow roast. Starbuck’s are too dry and their coffee always tastes burnt to me.

    The best coffee I’ve ever had was in Paris. Even the smallest little coffee stand or pastry shop produces excellent coffee. Most coffee I’ve gotten from hotels and restaurants in the US taste like dishwater by comparison. Maybe it’s the water…

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    Always a black americano (when at home in the UK) or a cafe allonge (when elsewhere in Europe).

    Favourite place to have it the Red Roaster in my home town, or the Cafe Charlot in Paris.

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    Laurent Delfosse

    Just a normal Latte … Sidamo (just off Capitol Hill) has the best coffee around …

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    Bill Bailey

    I just moved from WA to NC so for me it’s usually a latte. Always a vente (or at least 20oz). However, I find myself drinking brewed lately because I can’t find any good lattes in Boone!

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    Daniel Bevarly

    My two coffee mentors only drank it one way: Black. And that is my preference. Steve, don’t forget about Bennetts Fresh Roast in Fort Myers. Excellent coffee and they make their own, delicious doughnuts (so I’ve heard, heh!). Drinking Starbucks coffee brewed at home as I write.

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    An iced quad-venti raspberry mocha – unless it’s pumpkin spice season, of course!

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    Emily McDonald

    I’ll have to admit I’m a bit of a philistine when it comes to coffee. My favorite ordered-out coffee is BK Joe from Burger King. It’s got honest-to-goodness coffee flavor without the bitterness many more expensive ones, and yes, I drink it black. Ahhhhh!

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    Duane Karlen

    I usually drink half-caf with milk. I like it best when I make it myself, but Greenberries serves up a good cup too. Whenever I’m traveling and I come across a Cuban place, I order it “cortado”, (cut with milk) but haven’t found a good source for that in the Washington metro area.

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    Tamara Lamb-Ghenee

    Triple venti latte (no flavors or extras)…the barista knows to start it before I get to the counter.

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    Stephen Bailey

    Black, from Caribou. Preferably not Charbucks.

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    Julia Gregory

    I just started drinking coffee a few months ago, trying to cut back on the Aspartame I was consuming from gallons of Diet Dr. Pepper every day. Nothing fancy, I get regular coffee, black. Now I feel like a grown-up.

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    William R Wright

    I’m a 1/2 Caf Pike’s Place guy… but only after 2 cups of the ‘real stuff’ which is Starbucks Pike’s Place Medium Roast of course. Cream and sugar in the first round, black after that. Gotta make it at home and at work because there’s not enough time and money to be running to the coffee shop 3 times a day!

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    Cynthia Hoffland

    Here at Wisconsin DNR, we sponsor a shade grown coffee that helps protect birds through the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative http://www.wisconsinbirds.org/


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    Carolyn Harrison

    Steve, I know what you mean about Seattle. I was there last June for the GFOA Annual conference and reveled in the abundance of coffee shops. My usual…Starbucks venti vanilla latte. Around Christmas, for a treat, I’ll get their white chocolate peppermint mocha. It’s so rich I can only get away with a tall.

    Now you’ve made me crave a latte. And I’m stuck miles from a coffee shop.

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    Jon P. Bird

    I buy the Seattle French Roast Costa Rica whole beans at Costco and brew my own, usually American. So I have fresh, black coffee with a bit of Equal or Splenda.

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    Faith Summerlin

    Triple expresso latte with extra cream and a splash of cinnamin

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    David Lantner

    Check out this great short film (~4.5 minutes) of a barista pulling – and explaining – a great-looking espresso: Espresso, Intelligentsia.

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    Lisa Jahn

    When I’m out, I’m no-fuss — I order “coffee” and add a little cream and a little sugar myself. I have to admit all the choices at Starbucks just befuddle me. For making coffee at home, I try to find unflavored, organic, shade-grown, fair-trade, medium-roast breakfast blend. Ah, the thrill of the hunt for brew-worthy coffee!

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    Joseph Mercier

    You need to try Tully’s Coffe while you’re in Seattle. (BTW, Starbucks now owns SBC, although they haven’t messed with their roasting process, which is better than the Starbucks parent’s.)

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    Alan Finegold

    I love local roasters; the time between roasting and drinking is critical to quality…Quartermaine (MD) and ME Swing (near White House) are two of the few. Mine is straight up and strong: French roast or Sumatra.
    Wow…a lot of passionate coffee drinkers weighing in…

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    Arthur G. Grant

    My favorite cup of coffee is Sumatra, specifically Diedrich but they only have one store left. Once Starbucks decided thier competition was McDonalds and countered with Pike’s as the only brewed coffee all day, they lost my 6-10 visits per day. However their Via instant French Roast is very good and handy when traveling. Small independents have become my favorites from coast to coast.

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    Brian E. Lindholm

    I often just like a simple cup of coffee flavored coffee. Sometimes I go for Hazelnut flavored coffees.

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    Danelle Springer

    I think you may have finally answered my age old question, “Why does Starbucks coffee always give me indegestion?”

    I agree with you on the Parisian coffee — they really do know how to do it. Latin America is fab too. In fact I was in Ecuador last year and I don’t think you can get a bad cup o’ Joe anywhere there!

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

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    Paul Horwitz

    Black no sugar. (My work in financial education morally bans me from ordering anything fancier… we preach about how much money a person can save by a little self-denial. However, if Steve is willing to treat…!)

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    Michael Audelo

    You know that Starbucks bought Seattle’s Best?

    But, I think that coffee is one of the 4 basic food groups (coffee, chocolate, chardonnay, ice cream). There is nothing quite like a full-bodied, well roasted coffee. Coming from law enforcement I learned to drink coffee black. If the coffee is good it doesn’t flavoring, cream or sugar.

    I’ll admit that I’ve become a coffee snob. I have a machine that grinds the beans and filters the water. I have it set on a timer so it is ready when I walk into the kitchen in the morning.

    I get my coffee from Old Bisbee Roasters (http://www.oldbisbeeroasters.com). They get small shipments of free trade coffe that they roast when you order and send it our priority mail. They only sell roasted beans so you’ll have to grind it yourself, but it is worth it.

    They have a very extensive menu that changes with the receipt of new coffees, but they always have some of the favorite blends. Try a sampler, you won’t be disaapointed. And no, I don’t work for them.

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    Cheryl Wahlheim

    I’m like you Steve, I have a small coffee shop within walking distance of my house that I love. I really don’t like Starbucks coffee too much, too bitter. The local coffee shop actually grinds their own beans. Bring on the mocha!

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    Amy Trenkle

    The best cup of coffee for me is the first cup in the morning at home – we have a standing monthly order with Peet’s.

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    Lyell Collins

    I prefer Venti drip bold roast.

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    Mark Taylor

    Double latte in the U.S. I agree with the Europhiles, coffee in France and Italy is consistently good. At home I have to search out the local shop that puts some effort into it, and then I might have to make sure that other barista isn’t on duty.

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    Robert Burns

    Starbucks grande mocha, nonfat no whip. Not many Caribou locations near me.

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    Bernie Lubran

    When I’m in downtown Washington, I try to visit Swings Coffee, around the corner from the White House. It is surrounded by other good coffee shops such as Starbucks, Caribou, Cosi, etc., but holds its own with its in-house roasts.

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    Andrew Lawrence

    Plain coffee, bold, tall, two packages of honey

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    Mannix Litonjua

    Gotta agree with Bernie…Swings Coffee is a great coffee! 1702 G Street N.W. Washington, DC 20006

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    Bethan Tuttle

    16 oz drip with some ice so I can drink it faster 🙂 Seattle’s best is fine, Starbucks is stronger, and Victor’s coffee house in Redmond is best. When in DC I like Cosi, or go to Kramer’s in DuPont.

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    Cynthia Otsuka

    Steve, Welcome to Seattle! I’ve learned a lot about coffee since moving to Seattle 9 years ago. My favorite coffee is the Tully’s French Roast with a little milk my husband makes me most every morning. Yes, I’m a lucky girl! When I go to the coffee shop, usually on travel, it’s an americano with cream, or a latte-no flavors. Enjoy the clean air of Seattle while you’re here.

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    A Strickler

    Ed and Danelle:

    Agreed on euro and latin american street coffee. I also enjoy a little cafe cubano, which is served sweetened, but I don’t know where to find it in DC. Au Bon Pain’s drip coffee is usually pretty good.

    I use a french press to make my own coffee at home.


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    Ramona Winkelbauer

    Some of us don’t drink coffee; we prefer our caffeine cold and sugared, with predictable effects on our waistlines. 😉

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    Denise A. Katula

    No fancy stuff for me. Just regular coffee with milk and sugar. I’m drinking 7-11’s regular brew today in a reusable travel mug ;]

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    Alexander Pyle

    Steve, I don’t drink coffee – I take tea. Preferably loose-leaf keemun.

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    Frank Graves

    Prefer Community Coffee and Chicory black [http://www.communitycoffee.com/]. Caribou Coffee is preferred if I go out. I agree with other comments on Starbucks.

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    Michele Villnave

    Double tall latte, can someone please bring me one? There are too many great coffee houses to choose just one in Olympia, Washington!

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    Yousef T. Fahoum

    I’m in the land of rain….and coffee

    just coffee please. no frooty flavoring.

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    Peter G. Tuttle

    Steve: If you ever make it to Annandale, VA there is a great locally-owned coffee shop called Beanatics. Daily, they serve up a variety of different coffees every (e.g. Kenyan, Coat Rican, Ethopian, etc.). I go for the “Kenya” which will knock your socks off – but it is not bitter (like some national chain offerings). Link: http://www.beanetics.com/ Cheers.

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    Cathy Hogan

    Thanks for sharing. The one vice I have left (after going healthy) is coffee and watching this not only made be feel great but reminds me that there are other folks just like me…waiting for that next hit of a great cup of joe.

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    Heather S. Marsh

    Love how many people love talking about coffee! My fave is usually a grande bold at Starby’s. If I need to cool down, I’ll opt for a grande iced, soy latte.

    FYI…bit o’ trivia for you all: Starbuck’s actually owns Seattle’s Best. 😉

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    Charlie Borrero

    #1: Dunkin’ Donuts Iced French Vanilla Coffee.

    #2: Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Late. (If you like Diet Coke, I think you’ll like it, but if you hate fake sweetener, you might hate this too.)

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    Jacques Arsenault

    Regular coffee (if available, I’ll go with a bold/dark roast), splash of milk and one sugar/splenda.

    As for places, the GAO cafeteria is most convenient, but when I have the time/$, I hit up Chinatown Coffee on H Street, NW, DC. Delicious

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    Elizabeth Hyde

    I’m of the same opinion as the other Starbucks avoiders here in latte land. Mud Bay, Batdorf & Bronson, and Olympia Coffee Roasters are my preferred places for my coffee fix. Mud Bay in particular has sugar-free chocolate and other sugar-free flavors that Starbucks seems to refuse to carry. I get sugar-free mocha lattes once a week, otherwise I buy beans from one of the three local roasters and grind them at home for drip coffee, either black or with a little milk. For beans, I prefer Guatamalan.

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    Mark Milotay

    double decaf, half caf, with a twist of lemon

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    Sbux tall latte, extra foam…also called (I think) a wet cappuchino, but for some reason it comes out better when I order it as a latte. If I’m staying awhile, I’ll hit some of my local faves…the coffee is never quite as good, but the ambience more than makes up for it 🙂

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    Kim Johns

    At Starbucks…Skinny Carmel Macchiato with an extra shot please. Otherwise, a Mocha Cappuccino 😉

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    Jerrold Strong

    Peppermint mocha in Christmas season; white choc mocha with shot of vanilla the rest of the year. I order verbally to a barista, usually in downtown Oakland., CA

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    Jaimey Walking Bear

    If I’m not brewing at home, then always an Americano with an extra shot. Prefer Peets or local coffee shops to Starbucks whenever I can do that, but I’ll do Starbucks as a standby, especially in airports and when on site working our conferences. Starbucks is usually the option there.

    But come November 1, Starbucks egg nog latte can’t be beat.

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    Amanda Blount

    After I have read all the comments, I feel right at home. 🙂

    I prefer to roast and grind my own beans, but because of lack of time, I have grown into ordering from other places. If I am out, it is a fozen Chi Tea for me. No whipped cream.

    At home – (keeping in mind I used to own my own shop for years)

    In the morning – My own special mix of coffee, or expresso, with three tsps sugar. If it is a holiday, I may make myself something special with a shot of a flavor, and whipped cream, with sprinkles in the whipped cream. I also make some very good frozen coffees / drinks at home. I get very creative around any holiday. I can make a very good frozen Egg Nog Coffee right at home. Or a frozen Irish coffee drink in March.

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    Marcia Colvin

    Tea actually. Venti Awake 1 teabag double cup no room.
    My cubette mate always orders a grande bold of the day no room

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    Victoria L. Beatley

    Anything but Starbucks!!! Either the house coffee of the day or S/F, N/F Vanilla Latte and then I had a few shakes of Cinnamon.

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    Debra Valine

    I order from Gevalia. I like the breakfast roast.

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    Teresa Haugh

    Venti non-fat latte

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    Steve Ressler

    Grande caffee. 2% milk. 2 sugars.

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    Jamie Doyle

    At Starbucks:
    1) Triple grande soy carmel drizzle latte
    2) Venti soy misto with a sprinkle of cinnamon on the top

    At La Colombe
    1) A bonbon (which is a Vietnamese iced coffee knock-off)
    2) Skim latte

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    Dan Gephart

    If brewing at home, I usually go with a very dark roast — and drink it black. But during the day, I usually get myself an iced coffee, and usually it’s a venti iced coffee classic (sweetened) with two percent milk.

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    George Weaver

    Gavallia Columbian Roast. That’s the only coffee blend I like. Mail order the beans, grind them, and brew them. I don’t drink lot’s of coffee, but when I do drink it, it’s a treat.

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    Ed Albetski

    Have you tried Cafe Atlantico?

    Friends of mine love the coffee con leche there. It’s on my list to try.

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    Ed Albetski


    I’m stealing that! Thank you!

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    Lisa Haralampus

    Tea. Earl Gray. Hot.

    And don’t forget the MIF – milk in first

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    Ed Albetski

    I’m like Star Trek’s Captain Picard: Earl Grey, hot.

    However I’ve been doing half Earl Grey and half English Breakfast for my iced tea recently. And I gotta tell you, it REALLY good!

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    Ed Albetski

    I’m always torn between Cafe Du Monde, Community, and the purple label 8 O’Clock coffee & chicory. Every time I go to New Orleans I come back with a suitcase full of these. Thanks for reminding me of my love for chicory.

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    Ed Albetski

    The replicators are broken, Captain; but we’ll see what the kitchen can do (grin).

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    Cheryl Wahlheim

    Ed, someone who works at Starbucks told me they do actually over roast the beans to make them last longer! So maybe it works for them, but I am with you, I prefer coffee that is less bitter. Interesting about the water. I live in Boulder, CO and they actually bottle the water here (plus Eldorado Springs water just up the road). I frequent a little coffee shop by my house. The owner grinds his own beans. So maybe between fresh beans and the Boulder water we do have a better cup of coffee!

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    Alas Canberra (bear in mind this is Australia’s capital) has NO Starbucks!!! I so miss my Grande skiny caramel hot chocolate.

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    Jessica Hall

    grande triple sugar-free cinn. dolce americano

    …yeah, im that person

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    Adrian Hall

    Triple-shot flat white or triple-shot expresso – depends on the mood or the day of the week :))

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    Robin Paoli

    Tea – decaf, straight ~ no milk, no honey. On the rare occasions I do drink coffee, I order a decaf soy mocha, flat. Flat = no whipped cream and no foam.

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    I dont do coffee-
    I drink Mountain Dew/Pepsi in morning to wake me up!

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    Best cup of coffee I’ve ever had was a Cafe Breve in Homer, Alaska.

    Otherwise, every morning I heat water on the stove in a tea pot and pour it over French Roast grounds that are sitting in the coffee machine’s filter…only I have it resting in a 4 cup measuring cup and let it steep for 4-5 minutes.

    I know, I know…it’s not as much work as it sounds…and it’s pretty darn good.

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    Cindy Lou Baker

    I’d have to say I am a real fiend for thick, creamy mochas but in my present world of calorie counting and bridge-walking, I’ve cut way back. What’s really saved me from my old fat cell busting habit is my new Android phone. It has an app that tethers to my laptop (pdanet) so I don’t have to be anywhere near a Starbucks. If I’ve got phone service, I’ve got high speed internet. I love you Verizon!

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    Sterling Whitehead

    French roast, straight black. Moderate strength but sweet. Good for the morning when you don’t want to get sick from really bitter coffee.

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    KayLyne Newell

    Daily: good ol’ American Folgers….1/2 caf. Guilty pleasure on a “special” day is a carmel brulee from Starbucks, also 1/2 caf, no whip, 2%, no straw.

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    Lori Boerner

    Decaf Venti Latte at Starbucks (after a smaller caffeine cup at home) – stop by Starbucks on the way into the office.

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    AJ Malik

    100% Kona (or Jamaican Blue) when I can find it.

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    Neil Eynon


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    Bill Bott

    I’m not big coffee drinker – but I am a big supporter of the guys doing this… it’s coffee, it helps on several levels, and at least one of the founders used to be public servant – working as a CIO for a state Health Department.


    Certainly didn’t mean to hijack the thread, it just fit in too nice

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    Nancy Heltman

    Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte. I also love large ice coffee from Dunkin Donuts with skim milk and too many sweet -n- lo’s.

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    Kitty Wooley

    Tall Bold or something equally large and caffeinated!

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    Scott Burns

    I used to be all about the lattes, but for the last few years, I’m all about dark and medium roast drip coffee with cream. I decided that I was betraying my northern Minnesota roots to be drinking espresso drinks everyday. I alternate between stopping at the nice coffee shop on the way in and swinging through the convenience store for the real cheap stuff to make my dad proud.

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    Steve Richardson

    Double espresso machiattos fuel my late afternoons. 🙂

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    Meredith Mengel

    Decaf skim latte from St. Elmo’s in Del Ray. Decaf triple venti skim two-Splenda latte from Starbucks, when I must “settle.” (I may be high-maintenance, but I’m worth it ;o)

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    Dick Davies

    Mocha, hot or cold.

  • #93155

    Kevin M. Jones

    I put a filter in the machine and make some columbian black coffee. I do this at work too.

    How much does one of those latte cinnamon swirly whatte cost? I prefer to invest my money elsewhere.

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    Anita Arile

    My fav is from Coffee Beanery: Black and White Frap with shot of mint and no whipped cream.. yummmm..

  • #93151

    Steve Ressler

    Holiday season I’ll try an egg nogg latte…

  • #93149

    Bill Bott


  • #93147

    Steve Ressler

    Anyone got the gold Starbucks card? Just got it – 15 times using same registered card and now I’m VIP

  • #93145

    Steve Ressler

    Been rocking the Starbucks gold card – that’s when you need you go there too much

    Grande coffee cream, sugar is usual order these days

  • #93143

    Stephen Peteritas

    I just switched to cafe latte after going with peppermint mocha frappichino for years… had to grow up sometime

  • #93141

    Candace Riddle

    Grande Chai Tea Latte “Dirty”….sounds a little R rated…but it is really just a chai tea latte with a shot of espresso 🙂

  • #93139

    Jon P. Bird

    Real coffee, a Grande, sometimes with artificial sweetener. Nothing fancy.

  • #93137

    Rene J Barry

    Tea – Hot! Dark! and Sweet!

  • #93135

    Peter G. Tuttle

    You know, lately I’ve been so busy that it hasn’t mattered. As long as I get a nice big cup of rather bold coffee first thing in the morning, I am good to go. Cheers.

  • #93133

    Allen Sheaprd

    Nothing fancy – dark roast – strong. Could be Panara’s, Duncan, I-HOP or Starbucks (Barns and Nobel or in a Hospital)

    Aroma and taste are all I need.

  • #93131

    Arthur G. Grant

    I have replaced 99% of my Starbucks visits with my Kurig system. Found I like Donut House and Coffee People French Roast, and Itailian Roast. Since 9 out 10 times my local Starbucks only have that disgusting Pikes, this is a more than acceptable and cost effective solution. I do still buy Starbucks Via for travel use.

  • #93129

    Charlene McTier

    Good morning,

    Just call me Mocha Chocolata — that’s the Starbucks name given to me. I love my tall cafe mochas!

  • #93127

    Heather Smith

    Venti 5 shot Americano, 2 Splenda, extra cream. Yum.

  • #93125

    I prefer to make my own. (Part of my Govt Pay Freeze Cutback Budget). 😉

    I like Gevalia Pecan Torte Coffee with a little half & half and some french vanilla flavored splenda.

  • #93123

    Steve Ressler

    Anyone else use the Starbucks app now? Love it!

  • #93121

    Mark Hammer

    Ottawa (one of the “other” government towns on the continent) has essentially 5 relatively standard places for public servants to get coffee: the always ubiquitous Starbucks, the even more omnipresent Tim Horton’s, a similar national chain called Second Cup which is not as snooty or corporatized as Starbucks, a much smaller chain called Bridgehead that sells fair-trade coffee,.and a local deli/market/lunch place called Marcello’s, the latter being self-serve.

    Young professionals and manager types tend to gravitate to Starbucks and Second Cup, rushed managers and folks who skipped breakfast go to Marcello’s (self-serve being faster), counter-culture types go to Bridgehead, and operational/admin-support staff tend to go to Tim Horton’s*** (where the seemingly perpetual “roll up the rim to win” contest adds an extra touch).

    I like my coffee simple, thick, moderately strong, and cheap, so I bring my own mug to Marcello’s, put sweetener and cream into a cup of Sumatra, plunk down a dollar, and leave a happy man. Never had a cup of joe with anything fancy in it in my life; no latté, no mochachino, no caramel drizzle, no flavourings.

    *** On a cross-continent drive two decades ago, that stretched stateside from Blaine WA to Sault St. Marie, and Canada-side from there to New Brunswick, I learned that Americans like donuts, but Canadians need them. What is the distinction? For whatever reasons, it seemed that every little US town I drove through had wads of dingy little bars with buzzing Coors, Schlitz, and Budweiser signs, while comparable Canadian towns had donut places. If you wanted to complain to someone about your spouse/kids/boss/government/job/prostate/car/life in the US, you’d do it over a beer. If you wanted to do the same in Canada, you’d do it over a double-double and a cruller. Maybe it has something to do with liquor laws. Maybe it has something to do with the intelligibility of speech when consuming beverages with higher alcohol content. I dunno, but the social function of donuts and donut shops in Canada is….different. Some of the most politically powerful places I’ve seen in various Canadian cities have been Tim Horton’s in strategic locations. I used to kibbitz with friends that the now-empty former American embassy building across the street from Parliament Hill in Ottawa ought to be turned into the world’s largest Tim Horton’s, complete with tatami rooms for Senate and Parliamentary groups to meet over large double-doubles and a 60-pack of Timbits. It would be the most Canadian place on earth.

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    Steve Ressler

    Order change – tall pike, skim milk, 2 packets splenda 🙂

  • #93117

    Eric Ferraro

    The largest and strongest variety of brewed coffee available!

  • #93115

    Raymond Clark

    Black, strong, chewy…good!

  • #93113

    Paula Stroup

    I bring a reusable cup filled with BLACK coffee from home with me each morning – that I make myself. I would be out of place at the places where you have all those OPTIONS!

  • #93111

    Jenny Groome

    Alas, can no longer drink coffee – but I was originally a tea drinker and in one library actually had my Wind in the Willows teapot in my office with china mug rather than required covered travel mug.

    My order:

    Chai – half soy and half water or half milk (depends on the place). Not too hot. Nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla powder on top.

    If not chai, then I wait to get to work and have English/Irish/Scottish breakfast depending on the needed strength.

    Having come from academic libraries, I have become accustomed to independent coffee bars within the building (or within 5 minute walk during construction). At the state agency where I now work – no decent place within walking distance. In my new town have yet to find independent shop and neither Panera nor Starbucks have drive through. Been stuck with Dunkin Donuts sugary sweet concoction they call chai – I have to add 1-2 tea bags to cut the sweetness. But ny older son used to work at a DD that was on my way to work, so I learned to tolerate in order to stop by and say hello.

    I miss the smell of a good coffee shop and grinding my own beans at home. oh well. AS soon as I am off the public desk at 11 I am driving to newly discovered health restaurant that has a coffee bar to get a real chai properly steamed

  • #93109

    Erik G Eitel

    As a relatively new coffee drinker I’m still trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I typically just order a medium (I even call it a medium at Starbucks) throw a little milk in there with two packets of regular sugar. Hazelnut is pretty good, but I don’t usually care for the flavored types of coffee.

  • #93107

    Herman N. Cohen

    Depends. Summer – Grande Iced coffee, unsweetened, black.
    Winter – Grande dark roast of the day unsweetened, black.

    Starbucks is OK, but I prefer “Juan Valdez” but I’ve only seen a few of those around (one near my office, probably because of the strong World Bank presence here.)

    Once I get to the office I use my mini-Keurig with the darkest blend I can find for cups 2,3,4 ….. Always black so it’s still drinkable once it gets cold.

  • #93105

    Cynthia Hoffland

    Ancora coffee (madison wi). for a treat, I get a chai double shot (chai tea with 2 shots of expresso)

  • #93103

    Felix Gregorcyk

    You folks have to much money! I have a small coffee maker at my desk. Folgers, Maxwell House, or whatever is on sale. I keep a small carton of half & half in the office fridge, and splenda at my desk. All total I spend about $20 a month. If you’re hitting the coffee shop every work day, once a day your spending $60 a month. Of course who only gets one cup of coffee on a cold day. Most folk average twice a day during the week in winter months. With the economic down turn I really had to look at my spending. It really made a difference in my budget just doing that one simple thing.

  • #93101

    Jenny Groome

    I go once a week tops – reward for when 7 yr old can get ready in the morning with no fighting. And then only if I have the funds. Often my chai and bagel serves as both breakfast and lunch (half on way to work, half when off public reference desk).

    Otherwise, I bring tea to work (not high quality since it often goes cold before I can finish) and pitch in for the staff milk fund to get CT’s own Farmer’s Cow milk. Farmer’s Cow is awesome – local farms created a co-operative to help CT’s few remaining farms survive.

  • #93099

    Renee Lynn Garbark

    I love my coffee in the morning at home. I drink 2 cups with splenda and full whipping cream. it gives it such a rich flavor. We usually have chuck full of nuts or a speciatly flave like Saxby’s almond chocolate.

    Its such a good way to start the day. I always look forward to it and get up early just to enjoy it. I have a 35 min drive to work, so I want to be sure I’m really awake.

    To the coffee!!!!! Where would we be without it.

  • #93097

    Steve Ressler


  • #93095

    I do not drink coffee. Caffeine, coffee’s main ingredient is a mild addictive stimulant. And coffee does have modest cardiovascular effects such as increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, and occasional irregular heartbeat that should be considered. Studies have been largely inconclusive regarding coffee and its effect on women’s health issues such as breast health, cancer, and osteoporosis. But, the negative effects of coffee tend to emerge in excessive drinking so it is best to avoid heavy consumption.

  • #93093

    Renee Lynn Garbark

    Actually, I’m in the health care field and I’ve heard cardiologists say “go ahead and drink your coffee” They haven’t really proven that the coffee/caffiene effects the heart as you’ve mentioned. Coffee does however, have many antioxidants and has been shown to actually prolong life and prevent type 2 diabetes.

    Just thought I’d mention that, because there are many like myself who are healthy and really enjoy our coffee, so drink up fellow govt employees.

  • #93091

    Brazillian, fresh roasted, straight up black. BTW I roast my own beans (I-Roaster) and bring my coffee from home. This way its always guaranteed fresh. It also helps to know some farmers from Brazil. Its their fault I am addicted.

  • #93089

    Libbi Lovshin

    Coffee? No way. Hot Chocolate with whipped cream for me!

  • #93087

    HI Renee, You are blessed that the caffeine doesn’t effect your heart. I have supraventricular tachycardia and am unable to tolerate caffeine. The last time I had caffeine it sent my heart rate to 209 for over an hour and the emergency room doctor wanted to inject me with a drug to stop my heart so they could restart it manually. I opted to pray instead and have not touched caffeine since. Before all that, I drank Starbuck cafe mochas. 🙂

  • #93085

    Today, hot chocolate in the form of drinking chocolate or cocoa is considered a comfort food and is widely consumed in many parts of the world.

  • #93083

    Renee Lynn Garbark

    I can totally see why you’re not drinking coffee. I hope you don’t have any more trouble with your supraventricular tachycardia. That can be a very scarry thing. I hope you find another tasty drink to have instead. : ) Have a great non-caffinated day!

  • #93081

    Carol Z. Evanger

    I agree Ryan. And I know to run when I order espresso and they ask me what size cup I want.

  • #93079

    Starbucks’ signature taste is because they burn their coffee beans.

  • #93077

    Victoria Cooper

    As a Canadian, I know I’m supposed to say “Double Double from Timmy’s”, but I just can’t (can you say swill?). I like a medium roast with an adequate amount of almond milk and some raw sugar. On miserable and grey days like today, I might add some hot chocolate and some peppermint flavour.

    Oh, on the weekend it’s a given to add some Bailey’s 😉

  • #93075

    Keena Cauthen

    I prefer to order a Galone… throwback to my time in the Azores (Portuguese islands). Irks me that folks think it’s the same as a Capachino… similar but not the same folks! The devils in the details, as they say. I keep an expresso maker at home so I can make these tasty treats. But if I order out, I do a French Vanilla Capachino, tall, with a shot of cool whip… then dash it with cinnamon. I order these from the coffee shop in Books-a-million… and enjoy.

  • #93073

    Oooh…tell me more about the galone. What’s in it?

  • #93071

    Keena Cauthen

    A galone has about 1-1/2 shots of expresso (at least where I watched them make it)… it is served in a tall thin glass, they steam the milk, put about 1/4-1/2″ of froth on the top, and then pour the expresso in it. Stir in about 1-2 packs of raw sugar then top with cool whip, and cinnamon. Since I like my coffee with a lot of milk and sugar, little coffee, this was a good variation for me. The shot of coffee from the expresso is “just right” to the amount of milk… and the whole thing steamed to perfection… ummmmm…. making me want to go home and serve some up!

  • #93069

    Dean Turner

    Morning cuppa has to be Grande/Tall/X-Large Cappuccino “Make it Strong!”.

    Later in the day Espresso.

    Unfortunately living in a coffee backwater the commercial suppliers of coffee are adequate. Best in Australia then head to Melbourne!

  • #93067

    John LaForest-Roys

    I run on Dunkin – French Vanilla, extra cream, no sugar.

  • #93065

    [email protected]

    Just got into the whole french press thing – but I have to say, the dunkin donuts pumpkin spice coffee is amazing. And now that they make it into k-cups, even better!

  • #93063


    I drink tea more often than coffee, but when I go for coffee, it’s Starbuck’s Skinny Cinnamon Dulce Latte. I became addicted to it during a trip to Scotland. 😀

  • #93061

    Nick Wright

    Try reading the plain English alternatives used by a UK department store called Debenhams:

    See: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2225229/Debenhams-bans-confusing-drinks-menus-introduce-frothy-milky-coffee.html

    Can’t we even order coffee without learning Starbucks jargon?

    Nick Wright

    Designer of the StyleWriter plain English software

  • #93059

    I appreciate the question and have forwarded the link to my eldest daughter, who works at Starbucks. Thank you!

  • #93057

    Steve Ressler

    Just updated my order – doing a cafe ole (called a misto at starbucks) these days. Coffee with steamed milk. Better than standard coffee with cold milk, cheaper than a latte

  • #93055

    Grande non-fat latte, at 140 degrees, light foam with 2 splenda.

  • #93053

    Priyanka R. Oza

    I don’t order. Too picky, I make it at home every morning. This recipe works for me!

    1. Starbucks coffee Aria blonde roast, 2 cups water, 2 tablespoons coffee powder, enough cream to make it a light brown.

    2. No sugar, sugar ruins the taste of coffee (real coffee lovers know :p)

  • #93051

    Raymond P. Clark

    I’ve always like my coffee black and strong. Having spent 20+ years in the military, coffee is now attached to my DNA. But, I do have a funny story to tell.

    I was working for the National Intelliegence Collection Agency (then Defense HUMINT Service) at the time. I came in early as I normally do and found no coffee grounds! Horid! I panicked. Well, I decided to just make some tea. So I placed my well used, never cleaned cup in the microwave, and behold, I had coffee. The heat leached the coffee right out of the cup! Yummy, my day was saved.

  • #93049

    I take it strong and black, usually something from my Keurig. If you are dumping a ton of stuff into your coffee to make it drinkable, you actually love the additives, not necessarily the coffee!

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