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    Trevor Reaske

    At my company, we recently started our own blog. We blog on a variety of topics (you can check it out here blogs.dlt.com) and have several writers.

    I wanted to get some feedback from my fellow GovLoopers, so I just have a simple question: what makes a good blog post? Why do you read a blog? What makes you come back? What makes you compelled to comment?

    Ok, maybe that wasn’t one question. I look forward to everyone’s feedback.

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    Hey Trevor – this reminds me of a similar question posed by David Dejewski a while back:

    What Makes a Good Blog Post Brilliant?

    Great stuff there…

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    Adriel Hampton

    Add to the list on the discussion Andy has linked to, controversy/provocation.

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    Trevor Reaske

    Andy – Thanks for the link.

    Adriel – Thanks for the input.

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    Marco Morales

    A good blog post usually requires anyone who wants to “comment” to have a login user name and password. This may seem cumbersome but in the end, it helps to add credibility to any particular blog by filtering out idiotic postings that come from Internet categories like Web-surfing adolescents (with nothing better to do) or misinformed fools. A blog also adds credibility in that reps from the news media (collectively, e.g., trade journals, major TV/radio networks, and national/international newspapers) are beginning to use blogs regularly as a source of attribution or to close the loop on a lead to developing stories. And folks like us (or “we-uns” as they say in the hills of West Virginia…) certainly bring credibility to events and issues taking place in government. Just my two cents … (I wouldn’t swear by it … 🙂

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    Sterling Whitehead

    Good blog post rule: write the 1st draft when you are full of emotion (anger/love/etc). 2nd draft, edit it some. That will let your writing speak with energy and purpose without making lots of typos and using bad logic.

    Why read blogs: For the opinion of the writer and the (actual and perceived) relationship I have established with the writer.

    Coming Back: Stuff that interests me and will impact my life.

    Compelled to Comment: (1) If I disagree, I will comment. (2) If I want to help, I will comment.

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