What motivates you to contribute to online communities like GovLoop?

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    Elliot Volkman

    Hey all – I’ve be wondering for quite some time, and I’m really interested in trying to identify trends between online communities and why people contribute to them. In fact I became so fascinated by the idea that I’ve made that the topic of my graduate thesis.

    So what makes you contribute or share content? Is it the people, the content, the great insight from other feds?

    Also if you feel bored and would like to contribute to my data gathering I have a survey that will help me find specific trends. [Survey]

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    Robert Eckhardt

    I view my contributions online like a view bumming cigarettes. I do it regularly so that when I need karma will provide. For the most part I find myself ignorant of a great many things. My interest in the things I am knowledgeable about leads to me wanting to share that knowledge. I assume that online communities work because I am not unique in how I feel.

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    Terrence Hill

    If the topic interests me, or it comes from some of my favorite bloggers – like Tom Peters, Daniel Pink, Seth Godin, etc. – then I will engage. Long postings turn me off and I am too lazy to read them. Intriguing titles help to catch my attention, as well as Twitter feeds. Lastly, a good give-away, like yesterday’s free 9/11 t-shirts, don’t hurt either.

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