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    Sara Cope

    My office is in need of some improvements and with Spring around the corner I thought now would be a great time to come up with some ideas. I was given a Cricut die cutting machine for Christmas and last night I got adventurous with it. I cut some really cool skeleton keys out of vinyl and stuck them on my overhead bin at work. I really like how they turned out (for a first-time effort) and think it would be great to cut a vinyl quote or saying to add to my office wall.

    So, what quote or saying inspires and motivates you? I’m hoping to pick in the next few weeks so reply to this post and add what ya got! I tend to not be too serious all the time so fun or silly movie/tv/character quotes are great too. Nothing religious please as I don’t think that would be exactly appropriate for my office. I’ll be sure and update here on Govloop when I get the finished product up!

    While we’re at it, how do you decorate and liven up your office? Add a pic!

    (sorry it’s a phone pic)

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    Hey Sara – The link below should get you started… 🙂

    Favorite Quotes from GovLoop’ers

    Pretty amazing collection!

    You might also be interested in this blog post “What’s Your Favorite Cubicle?”

    Interested in seeing people’s photos of their office…I would take a pic of mine and post it….but I need to clean it up a bit first!!

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    Sara Cope

    Thanks for the links, Andy. After looking over some of the Govloop Fav Quotes, I’m leaning towards something not too flowery or serious.

    I’m liking this one: “If at first you don’t succeed; call it version 1.0”
    and I like this from a print I saw on Makers Mark: “You must be present to win”

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