What Should GovLoop’s Presence on Facebook and LinkedIn Look Like?

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    Allison Primack

    As you may have noticed, we’ve been in the process of revamping GovLoop’s Facebook page and LinkedIn group (if you haven’t done so already, you should go “like” and join our pages!).

    Ideally, how do you think GovLoop should be extended to these sites? Are there some aspects that you like/dislike more than others? All suggestions are welcome!

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    Chris Poirier

    Full integration. So, what does that mean? It means a lot, which means..it takes a lot of work.

    If you are hosting a website you are attempting to get people to join in community etc, then all other social media landing points should function as a “push” where as the primary site (this one) is the pull. What I mean by this is that your engagement on competing social media platforms should be a presence where you drive use and interest to the primary site. I currently use linkedin, facebook, raptr, twitter etc to point people to the content of my primary landing point. I do this via reposting important articles, talking points, adverts etc to all the other landing points. Though ultimately all my links come back to the content I want people to take in and how I want them to engage.

    In other words, if your goal is to drive your community, you don’t want to set up other communities that may take engagement away from the primary point of focus (govloop). I see time and time again engagement’s where their facebook or linkedin landing point has more going on than their actual site and this obviously defeats the purpose. (at least if you are attempting to drive a brand or a specific landing point.) Once you establish your existance, you can drive traffic to all landing points by hosting contests and driving traffic via flowing conversations that take place as you wish across all platforms.

    It’s a balance of all of these things.

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    Elliot Volkman

    I actually like what you all are doing with Facebook right now. There is an occasional poll and content. It’s a nice reminder to go check GovLoop for the latest blogs/discussions. That and the funny polls don’t hurt.

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    Jay Samples

    I agree with Chris. Your pages on sites like facebook should draw traffic to this site, and the updates should either summarize interesting things happening here, or somehow get people’s attention to draw them back here as they see it in their facebook stream.

    The only real benefit to us of being a member of your facebook page is to see something in our stream that says makes one of us say “That is interesting…. and I haven’t been on govloop for a few days, I wonder what else is going on over there…”

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