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    Doug Mashkuri

    At last week’s NGG conference there was a tremendous amount of ideas, discussion, networking and all around good times. After attending any conference, I always try and boil it down what was the most important thing I learned and how can I apply it to my career, workplace, boss, staff, etc.

    My one nugget of wisdom is that the perceived gap between boomers, Gen X and Gen Y is really not as wide as many would believe. In full disclosure, I am a proud card carrying member of Gen X and have worked will all generations throughout my career. In the most excellent “Bridging the Gap” session there was a lot of discussion around the attributes and characteristics of Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. While the characteristics were dead on in terms of motivations, intent and attitude – I wonder if those motivations, intent and attitude stay with that person as they move from 20’s to 30’s to 40’s to 50’s and beyond!

    My sense is that when I was in my 20’s my behavior/performance was similar to Gen Y (minus the technology advancements available today), my 30’s and 40’s are similar to Gen X and my 50’s may very well be closely mapped to the Boomers.

    So…….my take away nugget of wisdom is if I can understand my team’s ideas, attitude and motivations I can effectively lead, follow and grow through shared success. This understanding and knowledge will hopefully eliminate the on-going debate on how generations can work together and focus on building success!

    What are your thoughts and nuggets of wisdom?

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