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    Shannon Kennedy

    Happy Friday Everyone! Time for another GEICO Friday Fun Video!

    Oh memories. I remember my first car. It was a Gold 1996 Nissan Maxima that had gone down the line of drivers in my family. I loved that car and hated to see it go!

    What was your first car?

    Was your first car blue?


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    Megan Dotson

    My first car was a 2000 Toyota Corolla – it was green. I only traded it in because it was on a lease from my parents and it was easier to buy something else instead of buying off the lease. I’m still a corolla girl…only now it’s blue 😉

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    Allison Primack

    Mine was my dad’s 1987 Acura Legend that he passed down to me. It was white, and a manual so my friends were envious of my stick-shift abilities 🙂 I drove that car until the day it decided it was too old to work anymore.

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    John Evans

    Mine was a 1976 Plymouth Arrow. It was made by Mitsubishi and re-badged as a Plymouth. It was a stripped down economy car, with a 5-speed manual transmission. I drove that thing for almost 10 years and 180,000 miles. It was a hideous yellow color, but since my parents bought it for me, I couldn’t really complain.

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    Jeff S

    Mine was my grandmothers 1964 Chevy Impala. It was blue and a lot of fun to drive. It didnt have todays safety features but then again it was a solid car that probably would fair better against todays vehicles in a crash.

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    Dave Hebert

    1979 Chrysler Newport, light grey, about 45 feet long. It looked like a metal whale.

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    Doug Mashkuri

    1979 black honda prelude…lasted well in to the 90’s!

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    Marvin Grubbs

    Mine was a manual 1976 Toyota Corolla. It was originally red but ended up a faded burnt orange. I pimped out that bad boy when I got it in 1982 – 83.

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    Charles Hicks

    1970 SS 396 Chevy paid $2600 out of the factory, saved up for it when I returned from over seas.

    it took $6.00 to fill up and it was very fast, in fact too fast for a first car….

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    Jeff S

    Charles please tell me you still have this vehicle!! What a great engine the 396 was

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    Brandy L. Gott

    1957 Chevy! No, not the popular 2 Door, but the 4 Door. My Dad gave $75 for it after hearing a neighbor advertise it on a trading program on a local radio station in Springfield, MO. This was about 1974.

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    Charles Hicks

    Jeff unfortunately at 21 being the first car ever; I managed to get in far too many accidents and had to finally settle for something a little more tamer, a VW Karman Ghia…

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    Jack Shaw

    I managed a two-door 1950 Ford, paid $35 dollars for it in 1969. Wish I had that car today. It was an ugly beige with yellow and black seats, but today it would be so classy. Couldn’t drive a stick then, and the car needed some mechanical work. Perfect interior–just no power. I sold it for a small profit and the guy blew out the engine.

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    Mitchell Kim

    My first car was a Mazda 626, ever since then I’ve driven nothing but Honda accords

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    Clark Lathrum

    1969 Camaro SS 350. Regretfully, I do not still have it.

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    Ed Albetski

    1968 Chevy Nova, seafoam green, which looked a bit bilious. Wired the 8 track player myself. Gave new meaning to it’s name viewed in Spanish (No Va = No Go), It seems the 1968 model did not have a custom carburetor made for it, Chevy sold them with a Corvair part. It never ran well until my dad took it to the Army base where he worked. He had a friend in the motor pool who made a 1954 Jeep carburetor fit it. Ran great from that point until I sold it. 🙂

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    My first car was a 1969 sky blue VW Bug (Beetle). I learned to drive that stick on the hilly streets of KCMO in the snow. It cost me $10 to fill it up every 2 weeks. Owned 2 more after that.

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    Kathy Sciannella

    Mine was a Blue 1976 Pontiac Ventura, which bucket seats, wrap around windows and white leather interior. It was a gift from my parents for high school graduation. It was an 8-cylinder so really had some power and a great car to drive in the snow.

    I loved that car and drove it until it disintegrated. Great memories.

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    Sonnie Sussillo

    What fun to see all the SS’s from the 60’s. Remember them fondly. I learned to drive a stick on a friend’s 64 or 65 Mustang. My own 1st was a 63 Corvair with no radio. That car could go anywhere in any weather, but I had to provide the tunes!

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    Alan Finegold

    My brother sold me his tan 1976 Plymouth Valiant for $1, back in the 90s. I got no end of teasing from friends about how “Prince Valiant” was going to pick up his date in that old (but reliable) close cousin of the Dodge Dart. Our family had a 1971 Dodge Dart until just a few years ago (slant-six 225)! My Valiant finally lost its transmission. Now I’m still driving my 1996 Acura Integra (almost sports car), red, of course, for at least another 10-20 years…

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    Ashley Fuchs

    2 door ’92 Oldsmobile Achieva. I called her old red. Her windows wouldn’t go back up if I rolled them down, the feet area of the passenger side filled up with water if it rained (sloshing to the drivers side when I turned corners,) and the muffler fell off while taking an exit ramp. She got me places and I loved her for it.

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    Mark Dwyer

    Wow, you’re young. My current car is about the same vintage as your first car.

    My first car was a ’66 Ford Econoline Van, white and beat to hell. It was a 3-speed on the column, otherwise known as “three on the tee.”

    I bought it when I was in high school for $100 from the place where I worked summers for four years — a cemetery. Considering where it was from, and due to my musical influences, I called it the Dead Van.

    It didn’t last too long, like all of my cars from my younger days.

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    Teresa Haugh

    A silver, 1972 Chevrolet Nova jet.

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    It was a pacer. A 1970’s AMC blue pacer. It looked like a big blue bubble and drove like the wheels were square instead of round. That thing managed to find-n-hold all the heat St. Louis had to offer.

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    I had a piece of junk 1979 Chevy Monza. It lasted one month. I then graduated to a piece of junk 1975 Mustang II which lasted a year.

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    John Evans

    Learned to drive a manual on a neighbor’s Rambler American with ” three on the tree”. Then “4 on the floor ” became the cool thing, and you never saw column shift again.

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    Jerry Rhoads

    I had a 1974 VW Super Beetle, black paint and custom red interior! I loved that car, just wished it had A/C.

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    Alan L. Greenberg

    1964 Ford Falcon – It was their fancy model, if you could call it that – leather seats, AC, nice trim. But still a small economy car. Good for New York City area driving.

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    Paul Homan

    A brand new 2001 Jeep Wrangler that I called Patsy Stone.

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    David W. Heiser

    My first car was a 1966 tan Chevy Impala that I bought for $600 and drove it from Great Lakes, IL to the Bronx to visit the sister of a buddy in Navy boot camp after I graduated. Got in a bit of trouble with that car. It did a 360 on an icy bridge (I-43 over Silver Spring Blvd. in Glendale, WI) but I’m a really good driver now! It’s amazing how cheap gas was in those days, something like $.25 a gallon. And our big V-8 engines guzzled it right up!

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    Cheryl Johnson

    Well my very first car was a 1975 Triumph TR7 … My dream car. However my ownership was short lived due to the fact that I couldn’t drive a stick shift. : (

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    David Fletcher

    My first car was a 1970 yellow Ford Maverick with a black vinyl roof and racing stripes. It didn’t last long… my second car was a blue 1968 Ford Mustang, and I had that for quite a while. In fact, I wish I still had it.

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    Mark Dwyer

    David, deluxe and sporty versions of models usually have subtitles such as SS or Z28. I remember seeing cars such as yours (reminded me of a bumble-bee). Do you recall the sub-model name?

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    Kevin Lanahan

    1966 Plymouth Valiant with column-mounted manual transmission. Followed by a 1970 AMC Hornet.

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    Kristie Bauer

    1990 Toyota Celica. I loved that car!

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    Dennis Snyder

    My first car was a bike,1970 Kawasaki 350 scrambler, A7SS. Very fast and highly maneuverable. My parents didn’t like the bike idea and bought me a 65 Corvair with automatic. The gear shift was on the dash. Not so fast. Both were yellow. Today I have a 2010 Mustang GT and just bought a Mooney M20J airplane. The Mustang is faster than the ’82 Porsche 928 I traded in (the ‘Risky Business’ car) and the Mooney is the worlds fastest certificated non-military non-supercharged piston single engine ever produced. Both have comfy leather seats for my aging carcass trying to rediscover its youth.

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    Greg Mt.Joy

    1981 Buick Riviera hand-me-down. Didn’t treat it nearly as well as I should have. Lesson learned.

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    Mark Hammer

    A 1981 Dodge Omni 024 that was blinding yellow with black racing stripes and black upholstery. Not exactly what I would have chosen (my dad selected it) but boy was it easy to spot in the parking lot! We only had it for a few years before the transmission crapped out.

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    Lori Reichert

    It was a hot little red Maverick that was a great vehicle. My parents bought it from me when I upgraded and kept if for a few years before selling it to an uncle. Gotta love those Fords.

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    Keena Cauthen

    I drove the family station wagon, but the first vehicle considered “mine” was the old blue van, a Ford Van, 197xish, government sale item. The mobile crime unit in KS upgraded, spray-painted over their emblems and sold the used vehicles… and my dad bought me the van. Stick, standard H on the column, two passenger in front, mobile crime unit look in back. Burned through oil like nobody’s business just trying to drive it the 5 hours home. Dad and I fixed her up, and that was my main mode of transportation for my last 2 years of high school (87-89). If she wasn’t working? I had the 9-passenger Pontiac station wagon (also a 1970ish year), with rear-facing back seat, that was also a goverment re-buy, and could she haul! Beat lots of sports cars off the line with her; after about 2 blocks, anyone could beat her. But she could move up till then! What memories!

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    Deborah York

    196?? Corvair! Blue. My Dad won it in a poker game. It was so stripped down it barely even had a radio. Stick shift for sure. Ahhh, memories.

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    Diane K. Thibodeau

    1962 Ford Fairlane. My parents bought a newer Ford and I inherited the Fairlane.It transported me to and from college for several years. It looked like a “granny” car, but I was just happy to have wheels!

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    Bill Brantley

    A Ford Fairmont Station Wagon. I think my friends liked it better because I was a handy person to have help them move.

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    1980 Chevy Caprice Classic – “The Brown Bomber”

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    Robert M. Watts

    A 1967 Chevelle with bench seats and the automatic shift on the column, acquired from my grandpa in 1971. You could squeeze about 8 kids in with no seatbelt laws.

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    I got my very first car in 1983 when I became a freshman at the University of Bridgeport. You’re going to gasp; but, it was a very ugly, tan, 1969 Plymouth Valiant! It had all kinds of dents etc. I cried when my father said, “I’ll take it!” I had no say in it at all. However, I actually grew to love it because it ran well, was reliable, & nice to drive. There were many cars being stolen; so, I soon became glad that it was so darn ugly!

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    William Jones

    My first car was a 1971 Monte Carlo. What a great car. Blue with a black vinyl top and yes white wall tires.
    We went everywhere.

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    Katelyn Keegan

    I had a 1988 Delta 88 Oldsmobile in silver. It was the worse car ever (except for the price – free). My dad had had an accident with it before I got it, so the front on end was replaced with a newer model so the front end didn’t match the rest of the car. The windshield was also replaced, but wasn’t sealed right, so it leaked in the rain, which filled the headliner with water, and would drip on me when I drove. With more than 200k miles on it, when I moved away to college they donated it… they decided not to torture my two younger sisters with it, who both got brand new cars 🙁

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