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    Megan Dotson

    Similar to Steve’s discussion regarding what people read daily; what is always open on your web browser during the work day or when you get home?

    When I open my web browser it is set to automatically open with gmail and govloop. Other sites I find myself leaving open are twitter, cnn, espn (during football season) and occasionally facebook.

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    Sam Allgood

    Facebook and GovLoop

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    Steve Ressler

    I always have open my gmail, google reader, govloop, tweetie…and google docs.

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    Gerry La Londe-Berg

    In varied order: > Google > 2 e-mail accounts > Twitter > GovLoop > Flickr > Empire Report > periodically FB. And also my two web sites.

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    Edward Williams

    I got gmail, google reader, hootsuite(twitter), google fast flip(awesome btw)… and now I have govloop open more frequently

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    Rick Alcantara

    Since I’m a news and social media junkie, I check the following sites everyday before starting work: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twittter, Wall St. Journal, Financial Times, and Mashable. More importantly, I pull news headlines from dozens of publications into NetNewsWire. From there, I can scan hundreds of headlines in minutes.

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    John Alter

    I get GovLoop on e-mail, so that’s always available, along with a number of daily pubs. I always start with the New York Times, then check the Washington Post to see if there are any local items that catch my eye. I get the Grist environmental new daily on e-mail, as well as daily updates from Mother Jones (“MoJo”). Being in EPA, my organoization subscribes to the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) Daily Environmental Report and feeds from Greenwire and Inside EPA. I generally wait until I get home to go to the browser for ESPN, NFL, or the Washington Redskins or Capitals sites.

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    Kevin Lanahan

    Twitter throughout the day and Facebook, gmail and, lately, Sporcl at home.

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    JoAnn Hague

    I always have the following open: gmail (both company and personal), Twitter, Facebook, Google Wave, the AF Portal, Air Force Knowledge Now (AFKN – KM environment), and .mil webmail. I often visit NY Times, Washington Post, Mashable, Government Executive, NextGov, LinkedIn, and GovLoop. I’m TRYING to stay connected to TFCN and KM Working Group. I WANT to regularly use DropBox, FastFlip, and Delicious.


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    Steve Radick

    Great topic!

    Here’s what I have going at almost all times during the day:

    Yammer (via Yammerfox)
    My Google Reader stays open in a tab (mostly unread)
    Post-Gazette.com (gotta have the latest on the Steelers and the Pens!)

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    Greg Perry

    click2houston.com – houston news

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    Erik Jonker

    Only 1 site, both home and at work, iGoogle, which has many “tabs” so i can follow a lot of sources/feeds, my first page however is filled with:
    – Reuters
    – CNN
    – BBC News
    – Twitter widget
    – Gmail
    – Several dutch news sources (i’m from the Netherlands 😉
    – Weather widget
    I am discovering that almost all stories worth reading also pop-up in Twitter, it’s almost more important than the regular sites i visit.

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    I work from home, so:

    – Yahoo e-mail accounts
    – facebook (often to play !!Farkle!!)
    – Michelle Malkin’s blog
    – National Review Online
    – Craig’s List (Engr / Arch employment)
    – GovLoop (not daily, but often)

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    Steve Ressler

    Interesting…I like concept of iGoogle but for some reason never use it.

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    Terrence Hill

    I can’t get GovLoop or Facebook at work, but I am a Federal news junkie – I check GovExec, Federal Times, Federal News Radio, and the Washington Post Federal Page. If I find something interesting, I try to share in with my LinkedIn groups.

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    Steve Ressler

    I got to check out the fast flip…

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    Steve Ressler

    Do you like AKO?

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    Caitlin Martin

    Gmail (google reader, google docs), Twitter, several blogs (Probably Bad News–reminds me to proofread and is a nice break from work; DVICE–keeps me up-to-date on new technology and just fascinates me), many news websites (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc… You have to get the whole picture.), and now GovLoop.

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    Martin Gruss

    first thing i check each day is http://www.hud.gov checking procurements.
    then it’s http://www.cnn.com for headlines and stockmarket
    then its http://www.amazon.com for the deal of the day
    then its http://www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com for the photo of the day
    all while im finishing my one cup of coffee for the day.

    then during the day i might go back to cnn.com for reading, http://www.peopleofwalmart.com if i need a break from working, http://www.govloop.com, http://www.ebuy.gsa.gov, http://www.fbo.gov and on occasion http://www.hottopic.com http://www.washingtonpost.com and some local news sites

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    Great question, Megan!

    Here are mine: Twitter, Facebook, GovLoop, Google. BibleGateway.com and LinkedIn are not every day but are close.

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    Kira Honse

    Stateline.org is one that tends to stay open. I like the daily news articles from all the states. As I have time, I read what’s happening in other states.

    I’m a “follow the rules” type person, so unless it is work related I don’t have it open all the time. I do check out the local papers to or three times a day – morning, lunch, and before heading home.

    Facebook is always on at home. I’ve been sucked into the games. I resisted for a while, but then they got me. (shakes head at my weakness)

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    Joan Muschamp

    Email, company website, facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, company intranet, google and bing

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    Megan Dotson

    In what ways do you use google and bing? I find them very similar; but am interested to know if they are just similar tools that can be used better in different ways.

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    Joshua Salmons

    Facebook, Govloop and my Twitter client (at the moment, Tweetdeck).

    Pretty simple tastes, I guess.

    Oh! And icanhascheezburger.com

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