What will be the impact of the Library of congress twitter archive?

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    Brian Gryth

    So as most to all of you already know, Twitter has decided to donate every tweet coming out of Twitter to the Library of Congress and the library in turn will create a Twitter archive. If you haven’t heard this news, here is the LOC’s release, here is Twitter’s release, and here is Slates take.

    So what will be the impact of this decision?

    Will the decision change behavior on Twitter?

    Will the decision chill free expression?

    Will it change what you post on Twitter?

    I am not sure what the answer to these questions will be, but I do think the archive could be interesting.

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    Mike Herrmann

    Personally, I’m horrified. But I seem to be in the minority.

    1. This wasn’t an agreement between Twitter and it’s users and there is no opt-out feature.

    2. How is this a LOC function? Shouldn’t it be a Twitter function?

    3. Is a tweet even a publication, or an agreement to do so?

    4. What are the rights to privacy and/or criminal implications? Now that government can search the entire archive, if people have admitted crimes on twitter can they be punished? (Think college kids posting about weekend activities, e.g. drinking under 21 or other intoxicating pursuits.)

    Now, if Twitter agreed to provide those tweets to LOC for everyone who opted in I might feel differently. I’d still question it being a LOC function though.

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    Ari Herzog

    Suppose I opted to protect my tweets and you could only see them if I let you follow me. Even a search engine couldn’t see protected tweets.

    My protected tweets would not be in this LOC database.

    But… if you retweeted my protected tweet, it would be viewable by all and thus databased. There’s a huge privacy concern with that.

    Unrelated, if I delete a tweet of mine from my own stream after I send it, would it still be archived?

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