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    Heather Coleman

    New story on the Federal Eye, “Obama orders new federal breastfeeding policy“.

    I submitted a request at a government contracting firm I worked for a few years ago to get a room set-aside for nursing moms. I presented a business case for doing so.

    I’ve also seen a lot of drama surrounding this topic at a couple of companies I’ve worked for. One wanted nursing moms to book a conference room for the time needed to pump. The room had a peep hole and I’m sure others trying to schedule work meetings would love to be bumped for that reason!

    Can’t we be adult about this and figure out a solution that works for new moms coming back to work? It really does benefit everyone involved to support them.

    If you could advise OPM what would you add to a federal breastfeeding policy? Is anyone working on this or know of someone at OPM who would be open to feedback on the issue?

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    Candace Riddle

    I went back to work 4 short weeks after having my son. I had to use my break time (which was only twice a day 15 min) to pump. That just plain and simple, did not work for a woman who had an infant that was on an every 2 hr feeding schedule (which for those of you who don’t know means that you had to pump about every 2 hours when you were away from the baby).

    Needless to say, after about 2 weeks of fighting the problem, I was no longer producing enough to keep up with my son’s demands (if you can’t stay on a regular schedule your body senses this and usually slows production). I had to quit breastfeeding and was also laid off not long after.

    Lets face it…working with a newborn at home is hard on a man or woman, but even harder for a woman who is trying to breastfeed.

    And by the way…a conference room and/or the bathroom (usually your only 2 options) are no place to pump. It’s not comfortable and well the bathroom is just grose.

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    Heather Coleman

    It’s such a shame. I also heard the proposal of using the bathroom and argued against it (and won). Why can’t we offer more support for new moms to help keep their babies healthy (and therefore not use up sick leave)? A clean, quiet, private room and a fridge/sink nearby. Time during the day (as frequently as needed) for a few months.

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    Candace Riddle

    If you keep Mom happy she is likely to be more productive and way less moody. It really isn’t rocket science!

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