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    Jerry Rhoads

    As we move to cloud like architectures, internal websites are being replaced with Content Management Systems such as SharePoint, Drupal, WordPress, and etc. My questions to GovLoopers is as follows:

    1. What is your favorite platform?

    2. How is your agency using it (internally or externally)

    3. Has anyone thought about delivering FOIA type information via a public facing CMS?

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    Stephen Peteritas

    Not a fed but Drupal looks to constantly be increasing their market share. On that note I really think gov’t should pick one CMS and run with it.

    As far of question 3 I really think that’s an amazing idea and would be greeted with a ton of support from the citizen tech community.

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    Jerry Rhoads

    I agree, it would be great to put FOIA requests up to the public via a CMS. It would really be wonderful, if people were allowed to comment and start discussions around the FOIA document’s content. Then imagine if the government ran analytics around the comments? Talk about “Power to the People”.

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    Jera Brown

    We’ve developed our own CMS with a front-end geared toward topical navigation and a back-end developed for users divided into departments. It’s open source and available at http://code.google.com/p/civic-cms/. It runs our website, http://bloomington.in.gov.

    In the near future, we’re considering moving away from a deep section-based navigation and heading towards a shallower tag-based navigation.

    If anyone is interested in this CMS or collaborative development, let me know!

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    Elliot Volkman

    I’m not a fed – but my day job’s site is built on Drupal, and all of my personal sites are built with WordPress. Between the two I feel like it’s looking at Apple iOS and Droid OS mobile devices.. WordPress has more apps and has been around a bit longer, but Drupal is constantly picking up steam.

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    Jerry Rhoads

    Checked out your site, http://bloomington.in.gov and it is a very cool site! I hope other GovLoopers will check it out.

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    Jerry Rhoads

    Have you checked out the Drupal Community? Drupal is the up and coming CMS (my opinion).

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    Andy Yu

    I’ve tried a few open source cms products over the years. We’re on WordPress now for our intranet and external websites. Good support, tons of plugins, theme support, SEO features. Our users find it easy enough to use with minimal training. It’s not too bad for accessibility, but that’s related more to theme development than the CMS core.

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